Halloween Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial

I have a slight obsession with deco mesh. It is so incredibly easy to work with and it creates such a cool effect. And seriously, it is so easy. Last Christmas I taught several of my friends how to make deco mesh wreaths — none of whom consider themselves crafty. 

So if you want to make an easy wreath with a big impact, here’s the wreath for you. 

DIY Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial

Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial

Creating this wreath is as simple as gathering the mesh and using the twist ties to tie it to the frame. 

Start by cutting the pipe cleaners in quarters. (I used seven pipe cleaners – even though there are six in the picture.) Then gather the deco mesh and attach it anywhere on the frame. I used the middle two rings, alternating. 

Deco Mesh Halloween Wreath

Gather another bunch of deco mesh and attach. When you attach the pipe cleaner, twist the pipe cleaners around the deco and the frame, and then tuck the ends back around so it leaves a clean finish.

Deco Mesh Wreath Craft Tutorial

Continue gathering the mesh and attaching it around the frame. I placed five gathered bunches between each segment of the frame (with four bunches in the top section to leave room for the bow). 

Deco Mesh Wreath How To

The best part is that as you go if you decide you don’t like one of the loops, just take it out and redo it. I’ve been known to go back three or four loops to correct the overall look. Plus the mesh is very forgiving and flexible, so you can adjust along the way too.

This is the way the finished back looks.

Back of Deco Mesh Wreath Tutorial

For the green stem/bow, you will create a series of large loops. I gathered a handful and the wrapped the tulle around my forearm – from my hand around my elbow and back to my hand. (It’s hard to describe, but it is the same way you would wrap up Christmas lights or a piece of rope.) 

I was very sloppy with this process, creating hap-hazard loops. Then twist another pipe cleaner around the center of the loops. (I used green because I was out of gold.)

Easy Tulle Bow


Tule Bow Wreath

Then use the pipe cleaner to attach the bow to the top of your pumpkin wreath. 

Isn’t it cheerful. Happy Halloween.

Halloween Deco Mesh Pumpkin Wreath

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