Green Living ~ Limiting Chemicals In The Home

Ready for one more EASY homemade cleaner, how about cleaning your garbage disposal with a lemon?

Garbage Disposal Cleaner: 1 sliced lemon (peel and all) plus a handful of ice cubes and grind away.

Not only is it easy, but it smells yummy too. Hint: before you grind everything up, rub the lemon around your sink for a quick clean.

Living Green – Tips To Organic Living

With organic produce, meat and other foods now available at most major grocery stores, going organic has become an easier way to be greener. In partnership with SCOTT Naturals™ last week I shared recycling tips. This week let’s look at eating organic. Like recycling, it isn’t about making an overnight overhaul on your entire …

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Green Works For A Green Clean Home Review

I have always considered myself environmentally friendly. Long before it was in-vogue to be green, I monitored my family’s recycling and tried to do whatever a middle-schooler could do to “save the planet.” But my green tendencies really took off when I became pregnant with my daughter. The idea of exposing this tiny, uncontaminated …

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Reusable Holiday Bags for Gift Wrapping

Eliminate waste this holiday season and skip the wrapping paper. Instead, give the gift of reuse with a limited edition Holiday ChicoBag™ brand reusable bags. These reusable holiday bags are ideal for wrapping gifts. The limited edition reusable holiday bags are available in three festive colors and feature a whimsical …

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Composting Is Simple With The Nature Mill Review

The Nature Mill Review describes how the actual mixing process is totally carried out by the composter. Reviewing the instruction guide on the Nature Mill Review will make sure the proper blend of ingredients is added to the machine. Once materials are poured in, the top portion mixes the compost …

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