Composting Is Simple With The Nature Mill Review

The Nature Mill Review describes how the actual mixing process is totally carried out by the composter. Reviewing the instruction guide on the Nature Mill Review will make sure the proper blend of ingredients is added to the machine. Once materials are poured in, the top portion mixes the compost together to break down the elements. Also, naturemill composter reviews share how the tray heats up the compost to sterilize the waste. In addition, this gives the right amount of oxygen to aerate the compost and avoid any naturemill composter problems.

How It All Began

In 2009, the city of San Francisco required citizens to use their free compost bins. The Nature Mill Review shows that one resident, Russ Cohn knew there had to be a better way to compost, but continued to use his city provided bin for the time being. One day he went on vacation, forgetting to pour out the compost bin. When he came home from his trip, he found an unpleasant surprise.

A Mistake Became An Invention

The composting process had already started in Cohn’s bin. He then created the concept for a composter. Studying the NatureMill composter problems revealed that more oxygen, a powerful air filter, automated mixing and insulation were needed. This would lead to more NatureMill composter reviews to develop the most efficient process. After multiple patents and prototypes and the Nature Mill Review, the final product was born. Nature Mill Review shows a great product was developed from an unintentional oversight.

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