Green Works For A Green Clean Home Review

I have always considered myself environmentally friendly. Long before it was in-vogue to be green, I monitored my family’s recycling and tried to do whatever a middle-schooler could do to “save the planet.” But my green tendencies really took off when I became pregnant with my daughter. The idea of exposing this tiny, uncontaminated little girl to chemicals made my stomach turn. Suddenly, my favorite cleaning products were no longer good enough to clean the space I shared with my perfect little baby.

Of course, her innocence only lasted so long, and by the time she got to preschool I sort of figured she is being exposed to all kinds of chemicals at school, and well… I got lazy. So I resorted back to buying old standbys and whatever was on sale, still grabbing the “green” stuff when it went on sale, but being less than perfect green with my cleaning.

With baby #2 set to enter the world any day now, I am back to my vigilant green self. Once again there will be a pristine new baby in this house, and I refuse to expose her to tiny little body to excess chemicals. Enter my new line of cleaning defense (again) – Green Works.

Green Works Cleaners

So what makes “green” cleaning product “green.” Well, they are actually made with plant-based ingredients (not straight-up man-made chemicals) that are also biodegradable. So, not only are they better for my baby, but since they biodegrade, they do not pollute our water system with more chemicals. If you aren’t familiar with the Green Works line of products, you will be happy to know that one, the products actually smell… good (not chemically) and two, they still get the job done.

My favorite Green Works product – cleaning wipes. I love cleaning wipes, easy and quick to use they cut through grime in one step (yep, lazy mom loves that I don’t have to spray and wipe, just wipe!). Oh and unlike other cleaning wipes, Green Works wipes are biodegradable, so I could totally throw them in my compost pile that I have been meaning to start for the last three years… Or at least they will break down quicker in the landfill.

For times when I have to do the two-step process (spray and wipe) the all-purpose cleaner is pretty great too. I use it on everything, glass counters, etc. Lacking that traditional harsh smell of other all-purpose cleaners, it still gets the job done.

The one product I don’t really use, or see the need for is the bathroom cleaner. It seems to work well enough, but I am partial to the all-purpose cleaner. Why I need a separate cleaner for my bathroom?

Green Works laundry detergent is HE safe (very important to me, considering my new Whirlpool washer), and (according to the website) “dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin.” Of course the second part is very important with a little one on the way, but it is also important to me because I have super sensitive skin. (This is the one area of cleaning that I am very brand loyal and careful about what I buy – all the time.) Generally speaking, I don’t like scented detergents (allergies), but I didn’t mind the light scent much. However, I have since learned that there is also a “Free & Clear” version that doesn’t contain a scent, and I would definitely try that version next time.

Oh, and given my recent discovery with OxiClean I was also very excited to learn there is a Green Works Oxi!

Look out house, you are in for a green cleaning.

Disclosure – I was provided with Green Works products to facilitate this review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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