Must Have Essential Oils For Beauty

Warm weather has arrived here in Florida, and for many of us the cold, dry air has taken its toll. Now is the time to start pampering your skin so you are looking and feeling your best by the time it’s time to break out the tank tops and flip flops. I know learning to use essential oils and knowing which ones to use for certain conditions can be overwhelming, so here are some of the best must have essential oils for beauty.

Essential Oils For Beauty

Must Have Essential Oils For Beauty

Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree oil (also known as Melaleuca Alternifolia oil) is one of my favorite essential oils for beauty. It’s one of the most powerful oils for antibacterial properties, which makes it a must have for those who have acne prone skin. (Like me!) As soon as you feel a blemish coming on apply a small dab to the affected area. It works by rapidly killing the blemish causing bacteria. Within a couple of hours you should notice reduced redness and a much smaller blemish. Within a couple of days or less it will be gone. Seriously, this is currently my favorite oil!!!

Lavender Oil – If you’re looking to brighten up your eyes and grow some beautiful and strong lashes Lavender oil is where it’s at. Simply add 2 drops of Lavender oil to your mascara tube and use it as you normally would. In just a few weeks you should start noticing your lashes will become much fuller and stronger. I know people who swear by this method, so I am now adding it to my Younique Mascara routine. Bonus — lavender is well-known for its relaxing aurora, so a drop or two on your pillowcase at night can also help you get a good night’s sleep. Another way to brighten those eyes. 

Myrrh Oil – Myrrh Essential oil is packed full of anti-inflammatory properties which makes it great for aging skin. When used as a normal part of your skincare routine you can expect to see an improvement in skin tone, elasticity and firmness. Fine lines will also start diminishing and a reduced appearance of wrinkles. It’s also great to use on skin that has been sun damaged, chapped or affected by eczema. To use simply mix a small amount of coconut oil into a small essential oils mixing jar, add 4-5 drops of Myrrh Essential oils and shake. This mixture is great to use as a moisturizer before bedtime.

Lemongrass & Marjoram Oils – Stress and the amount of sleep we get is a big factor in how well our skin looks. Lemongrass & Marjoram Oils smell absolutely amazing together and it turns out when used together it is great for soothing and relaxing tired muscles. Less stressed skin = beautiful skin. Lemongrass works to purify and tone your skin, while the Marjoram works to oxygenate and increase blood flow making your skin glow! These work best when diffused in a diffuser. Simply add 3-4 drops of each into your diffuser for best results.

Essential oils have quickly become part of my daily routine. I love finding new ways to incorporate them into my family’s life. I used to buy my essential oils retail, but then I learned about the benefits of becoming an essential oils wholesale member (saving 24% off all essential oils!).

Want to learn more about essential oils? Feel free to email me directly jen Also, if you do decide to purchase oils, my member number is 2568417. Thanks!

What are some of your Must Have Essential Oils For Beauty?

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