Caribou Iced Coffee

On The Go With Caribou Iced Coffee

When the heat index reaches triple digits, the best way to enjoy a cup of coffee is ice cold. A refreshing way to start the day or a cool break mid-day, iced coffee is the way to go. Because one doesn’t always have the time (or the patience) to brew …

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5 Minute Mocha Frappe

Homemade Mocha Frappe In Five Minutes

Your day just got a little sweeter. I am about to tell you how to make your favorite mocha frappe at home in less than five minutes for a fraction of the price of a fancy coffee shop. Oh yes, that means within minutes of your craving you can enjoy a sweet mocha frappe in your own home.

5 Reasons You Need Instant Coffee

5 Reasons You Need Instant Coffee

Do you find your me time in a coffee cup? Then you probably don’t have time to wait for that coffee, you need it and you need it now. Instant coffee to the rescue. Don’t let this morning fuel fool you, Instant coffee is ready for you whenever you need a pick me up — morning, noon or night.

Coffee Filter Christmas Tree Craft

Easy Coffee Filter Christmas Tree Craft

I may not be dreaming of a white Christmas this year (I live in Florida after all), but I adore this snowy-white coffee filter Christmas tree. How could you not?! This is a sponsored post. Simple, elegant and totally easy to DIY. This coffee-inspired craft is sure to warm your Christmas decor. …

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Nescafe With Coffee Mate Creamer

Nescafé With Coffee-Mate: Instant Coffee And Creamer In One

Certain things just go together, and they aren’t the same apart. When you think of one, you think of the other — couples like Sonny and Cher, characters like Mickey and Minnie and food like mashed potatoes and gravy. They are good on their own, but they are even better …

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International Delight Iced Coffee Cubes

DIY Coffee Ice Cubes For Iced Coffee

Watered down iced coffee? Not any more! A few weeks ago, my  husband visited the new bagel shop in town and ordered an iced coffee. He was surprised and delighted when he realized the ice cubes in his iced coffee were actually made with coffee. We both had an ahh-haa moment …

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