5 Reasons You Need Instant Coffee

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Folgers. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you find your me time in a coffee cup? Then you probably don’t have time to wait for that coffee, you need it and you need it now. Instant coffee to the rescue. Don’t let this morning fuel fool you, Instant coffee is ready for you whenever you need a pick me up — morning, noon or night. Although nothing beats the smell of a fresh brewing pot of coffee, instant coffee can be magical when you need your coffee… now. 

5 Reasons You Need Instant Coffee

5 Reasons You Need Instant Folgers Coffee

Can’t wait for the coffee pot – I like to sleep until the last possible moment. That means I have to hit the ground running to get myself and the kids fed, dressed and out the door. Cup number one needs to be ready to go ASAP. 

Just one more cup – Sometimes the morning pot just isn’t enough to get you through your day. For days when you hit the afternoon slump, instant coffee makes an afternoon pick-me-up easy with the ability to mix a single cup (or less) of hot coffee without brewing a whole pot (or expensive equipment). 

Always on the go – Traveling? Do not rely on your hotel to have coffee when you are ready for it, pack your instant coffee and be ready whenever it is time for coffee. Although it is best made with hot water, you can even mix Folgers instant coffee with cold water (no clumps!) – then just add ice and instant creamer for an on-the-go iced coffee. Never leave home without your supplies. 

Folgers Instant Coffee On The Go
Non-coffee drinkers – Hey non-coffee drinkers, yeah, I am talking to you. Even you should keep instant coffee on hand as a courtesy for your friends and family. Friends don’t let friends miss out on a cup of coffee just because they don’t have a coffee pot ready to go. Instant coffee is the way to offer friends and family their choice of coffee flavors with ease. 

Ya didn’t make it to the store this week – Oh yeah, we’ve all been there. You had big plans to hit the grocery store on Monday, and suddenly it is Saturday morning and the cupboards are bare. What’s worse (dun, dun, dun) you are out of coffee! Gasp. 

Don’t turn into the mommy monster. Reach for your stash of Folgers instant coffee, add hot water and ahhhhhh. Please return to your regularly scheduled Saturday. The grocery store will happen this Monday for sure. 

Folgers Instant Coffee
There are oh-so-many reasons you need Folgers instant coffee in your life. But don’t take my word for it, think about all of those mornings you had to pry yourself outta bed and your family ran away from you until you drank your cup of Joe. 

Don’t go without your morning coffee, keep Folgers instant coffee on hand for all of those reasons that come up and enjoy your daily cup(s) of coffee. 

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