DIY Coffee Ice Cubes For Iced Coffee

Watered down iced coffee? Not any more! A few weeks ago, my  husband visited the new bagel shop in town and ordered an iced coffee. He was surprised and delighted when he realized the ice cubes in his iced coffee were actually made with coffee. We both had an ahh-haa moment as we reveled in how smart it was to make ice cubes from coffee to chill iced coffee. 

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Iced Coffee Cubes International Delight
Why didn’t I think of that?!

After we got over ourselves, my husband noted the only problem in this solution. Instead of his coffee getting watery, the coffee got stronger as the ice melted. For a guy who likes a lot of extras in his coffee, the ice cubes made with straight coffee were quite strong. 

I pondered the problem and realized that I could help my husband achieve the perfect iced coffee at home with the help of International Delight. 

Instead of starting with black coffee, I made ice cubes out of International Delight Iced Coffee. That way all he had to do to enjoy an icey cold coffee was to pop out a couple of ice cubes and add his iced coffee. It could not have been any easier. (Well it would have been a little easier if I owned an ice cube tray — I actually had to go out and buy one!)

By the way, if you don’t have an ice tray either I adore this coffee bean ice tray

International Delight Iced Coffee Cubes
International Delight Iced Coffee makes it crazy easy to make ice cubes, just pour in the tray, freeze and serve. And (once you own an ice tray) you can easily keep them on hand for whenever the iced coffee mood strikes. 

If you wanted to brew your own iced coffee, as my husband often does, you could also brew your coffee add the International Delight creamer of your choice and then use that mixture to make your own ice cubes. (You could even make skinny ice cubes with International Delights’s new fat-free and sugar-free flavors!) This you have uniform flavor from first sip to last

Frozen Iced Coffee Cubes
Kind of perfect for a hot summer day, don’t ya think?

Now that I have iced coffee ice cubes, my head is spinning with ideas. Could I made a coffee slushie? Or maybe a coffee milkshake?

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So, what’s your ID flavor?


Coffee Ice Cubes

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