On The Go With Caribou Iced Coffee

When the heat index reaches triple digits, the best way to enjoy a cup of coffee is ice cold. A refreshing way to start the day or a cool break mid-day, iced coffee is the way to go. Because one doesn’t always have the time (or the patience) to brew and cool an iced coffee at home there is a new line of Caribou Iced Coffee.

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Caribou Iced Coffee

I grabbed a couple of bottles of Caribou Iced Coffee at my local Walmart while stocking up on supplies for our summer road trip. Then on the morning of the big trip, the car was packed and all we had to do was grab our Caribou Iced Coffee and go. A yummy (and quick!) pick-me-up to start the trip.  

Caribou Iced Coffee

Available three delicious flavors: chocolate mocha, sea salt caramel and vanilla Caribou Premium Iced Coffee is a cool summer treat. Because it comes in single-serving size (14oz), it is perfect for on the go. (Also available in larger, 32oz bottles.)

Caribou Premium Iced Coffee

As a Florida girl, I was familiar with Caribou coffee for home brew, but I had no idea that Caribou Coffee is a popular chain of coffee shops in 19 states. (Do you have one near you?) After tasting the Caribou Iced Coffee it’s no wonder the company has branched out to home brew and now iced coffee.

Made with premium Caribou coffee and real ingredients like milk, sugar, chocolate and sea salt Caribou iced coffee is rich in flavor, but not overly sweet like some coffee drinks can be. And as I have mentioned, the 14oz size is the perfect size for on the go — great for keeping a couple in the fridge for mornings when you have to run out the door in a hurry.

Which Caribou Iced Coffee flavor will you try first?

Caribou Iced Coffee Walmart

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