BHG Walmart Bedroom

Master Bedroom Makeover On A Budget

I think a bedroom should be a sanctuary. It should be a place that feels tranquil with a bed that makes you want to curl up and take a nap. It should be your happy place. Even when the rest of the house (and life) is a chaotic mess, your bedroom …

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Life Laugh Love Printable Quote

A Rustic Charm Refresh + Printable Sign

Several years ago a printer took up residence in my kitchen. It was ugly, but oh-so-convenient. No, I didn’t want to look at it in the kitchen, but I like to work at the kitchen table so having it there meant not having to run to the other side of …

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Pumpkin Candle White Owl

Pumpkins, Owls, Fall Decorating Ideas And Free Printable

It has been said that Florida lacks a change in seasons, and many jokes have been made. But as a life-long Floridian I can assure you Florida has a beautiful change in seasons. It may not come with a drastic temperature drop or traditional fall foliage, but there is a crispness in …

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