DIY Christmas Candles And Other Easy Gift Ideas For Less Than $20

I love to give gifts. I enjoy the hunt of finding something unique and different that I am certain the recipient will love. During this gift-giving season, I have a long list of recipients to check off my list. Slowly but surely I am working my way through my list of friends, family and teachers finding just the right gifts.

Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart, I have a couple of really great gift ideas to share that I found at Walmart. Yes, everything you see here can be found at Walmart, and the best part each gift idea is less than $20. These gifts will help you stretch your budget while still being an awesome gift giver!

3 Easy Gift Ideas For Less Than $20

Easy Gift Ideas For Less Than $20

DIY Christmas Candles

I love the warm glow of candlelight at any time of the year, but especially during the holidays. (I have three burning in my house right now.) Better Homes and Garden at Walmart candles ($5.97 for tall jars and $3.97 for short jars) make a great gift on their own, but with a few easy embellishments this five-minute project gets just the right personal touch.

DIY Christmas Candles
Aren’t they adorable?

Even if you aren’t crafty, this DIY project is as simple as attaching a few buttons, ribbon and tape. For my Christmas trio, I used candles from the BHG at Walmart 2014 Limited Edition line – Spicy Cinnamon Stick, Vanilla Buttercream Cupcake and Spiced Apple Wreath.

Christmas Ribbon DIY Gift
Because they are so simple to assemble, it makes sense to make multiple sets of these DIY Christmas Candles to check off several names on your list. Because who wouldn’t appreciate these cheery candles?!


For the gold Santa buckle, I cut a rectangle from a cereal box and covered it in gold washi tape. Then I use an Xacto knife to cut two slits for the ribbon.

The rest of the assembly for the DIY Christmas Candles is as simple as cutting the right length of ribbon or tape and adding it to the jars. I used hot glue for my buttons, but Glue Dots would also work. I love working with electrical tape because it is very forgiving and will lay very flat on the jar.

Reindeer Candle Holder

This guy is so cute, I may have a hard time giving him up! With a bright red bow tied around his neck, this reindeer is a simple touch of Christmas to share with a friend.

BHG Reindeer Candle Holder Gift Idea
Because this Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart reindeer friend rings up for only $14.97, you can pair him with a box of BHG at Walmart tea light candles ($2.97) and still come in under a $20 budget. The BHG Reindeer is available in stores only.

When thinking about who to give this festive fellow to (besides me), think about people who will receive their gifts before Christmas such as teachers and holiday party exchanges that way there is time to display him during the holiday season.

Cozy Blanket And Adorable Owls

I just love giving warm cozy blankets as gifts, and this black and white fuzzy throw from BHG at Walmart is only $12.88! I wish you could feel how soft it is through the screen, you wouldn’t believe that it is less than $13. (This blanket comes in other patterns too.)

I paired the blanket with some adorable owl candles (because I have a total owl obsession). The gilded creatures are beautiful for a season tabletop, but they would also look lovely on a shelf year-round. Because they are only $4.97 for the pair, I couldn’t resist picking up a pair for myself too.

To really make this gift cozy, add a RedBox gift card to make it a cozy movie night gift. Tip, you can buy five movie codes for $7.50 and then split them across several gifts. Add one $1.50 movie code to the blanket and owls and you have an entire gift for $19.35!

Better Homes and Gardens Gift Ideas
Looking for a sweet treat, check out my mason jar Christmas gifts complete with printable gift tags.

Mason Jar Christmas Gift
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