School Paper Organization Pre K-12

File Box School Paper Organization System

I have this natural tendency to want to keep every single piece of paper that comes home from school. In fact, for K’s three years of preschool I did just that. But the stacks of paper and projects is overwhelming. So last year I devised a new system for saving my daughters’ …

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Target Style

Find Your Back To School Style At Target

Tell me if this sounds familiar. I went to Target for a new pillow, and I ended up at check out with a rug, school clothes for the girls, storage baskets, a gift card, some detergent, a birthday gift I found on clearance and more.. Target does it again. Right?! Although …

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Chex Mix Honey Peanut School Fuel

DIY Chex Mix: Honey Peanut School Fuel

Does your family love to snack as much as mine does? From morning snacks to after-school snacks and don’t forget late-night snacks, it seems like it is always snack time for someone in my house. All this snacking leaves me on a constant hunt for new snack ideas.  A quick …

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Back To School Deals 8/24 – 8/30

Well, school has been back in session for two weeks around here so we will soon say goodbye to the hot school supply deals. So if there are any supplies you need to stock up on so you have extras for the year, now is the time. It is also …

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