File Box School Paper Organization System

I have this natural tendency to want to keep every single piece of paper that comes home from school. In fact, for K’s three years of preschool I did just that. But the stacks of paper and projects is overwhelming. So last year I devised a new system for saving my daughters’ special Fridgeworthy papers that forces me to purge and only keep the best of the best – the file box school papers organization system.

File Box School Paper Organization
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File Box School Paper Organization

I’ll be honest, when I started this school papers organization system I wasn’t sure I would be about to stick to a single file folder for each year. (I have an entire shelf for preschool!) But I was diligent and managed to keep Kindergarten to one folder. (WHEW! That was some major purging for me.) If I can do Kindergarten, the rest should be a piece of cake.

The thing about this system is that the sooner you start, the easier it will be. I am still dreading going through K’s preschool stacks because it will break my heart to get rid of things. Keeping only the best Fridgeworthy papers as you go is much easier. (But don’t fear, even if you start late — you can do this!) I wish I started these boxes when K was a baby. Sissy started preschool this year, and her art will be much more organized than K’s ever was!

Which would you rather have?

School Paper Organization Ideas
Not only are the boxes less clutter for you now, but are you really going to do with all of those papers years down the road? Your kids won’t want all of that. But a single, organized box of precious papers — that they can keep always. It’s my future gift to my girls, not a hoard of everything but the special, well-organized memories.

The first step was finding the right file boxes. I looked at a lot of boxes, and ultimately decided on these clear file boxes from Staples. Deciding factors for me were that these boxes stack nicely on top of each other, the lids snap on and they are plastic to keep my babies’ papers safe! Plus they are only $15 each.

I wanted all of my file folders to be the same color, so I was excited to find 25 packs of hanging file folders in a rainbow of colors. Because shouldn’t the organized boxes be pretty too?

The final touch to my girls’ boxes was to use my Cricut to cut their name in vinyl for the outside of the box. If you don’t have a Cricut, you could use letter stickers or a printable label.

School Paper Organization Pre K-12

Fridgeworthy Moments With Pediasure

We parents are proud of our kids and all of their accomplishments — big and small. We do everything we can for them including making sure that they have all of the nutrition they need to help they minds and bodies be strong. But making sure they eat the proper servings of fruits and vegetables everyday isn’t always as easy as we hope — especially when picky eaters are involved.

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is also the must rushed! I wish we had time to make a full spread every morning, but typically its a bowl of cereal and out the door. To help make sure kids get the nutrition they need every day there is Pediasure. With 7g protein and 25 vitamins and minerals packed into every bottle, moms can help kids get the energy they need to be successful in school.

After all it’s hard to create all of those Fridgeworthy masterpieces without the proper nutrition and a full belly!

With antioxidants to support the immune system and DHA Omega-3 for brain and eye health Pediasure helps moms support those Fridgworthy moments.Clinically proven to provide children with advanced nutrition to promote growth and development, which is especially important for kids ages 2-12, Pediasure can help moms make sure their kids are getting all the good stuff they need.

Plus Pediasure contains an optimal blend of essential nutrients: a unique (patented) combination of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids that allows for enhanced digestion and metabolization of essential vitamins and minerals complete and balanced nutrition. That’s a lot of nutrition packed into one bottle.

When we give our kids everything we can to help support their growing bodies and minds we can feel confident that they have everything they need to truly amaze us with their Fridgworthy Moments.

And now you have my secret to keeping those Fridgeworthy moments organized!

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