Quick And Easy Back To School Meal With Jack’s Pizza

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As we begin to settle into a new school year routine, it is plain to see that we are going to need a lot of quick meals. Between school, homework, both girls in ballet class, girl scouts and work most nights we don’t have a lot of time to prepare dinner — and I bet you don’t either. 

Assuming your family is like mine, you probably need quick ideas too. Ideas that the whole family can (and will) eat, right? How about a JACK’S Pizza

My family discovered JACK’S Pizza this summer, and we have become quite fond of grilled pizza. Oh yes, in case you missed that post — we learned how to grill pizza! In less than 20 minutes you can have a grilled pizza. It’s really easy, and delicious.

Grilled Pizza How To
But for nights when your chief griller (also known as dad in our house) isn’t home, JACK’S Pizza can be a quick meal for the family in the oven too. (Yay for flexibility, but trust me, you’ve got to try it on the grill.)

We are a pizza-loving family, but I always want to make sure my girls are eating fruits and veggies too (and they aren’t veggie pizza fans yet). So I like to serve pizza with a side salad, fruit or other vegetable. If you are already grilling your JACK’S Pizza, it is easy to throw some corn on the cob on the grill or even grill some watermelon. My girls also like carrot sticks and ranch with their pizza. 

Grilled Hawaiian Pizza Watermelon Pineapple Ham
It’s also fun and easy to dress up a cheese JACK’S Pizza with your own creative topping choices. A great way to get kids involved in the dinner process is to have them help you add their favorite toppings to pizza. We created a Hawaiian pizza (which was a big hit with my girls), but you could just as easily top JACK’S Pizza with your favorite veggies. 

Grilled Hawaiian Pizza Recipe
JACK’S Pizza is an easy and affordable meal for the whole family — even on a busy schedule. Plus it is one of those things you can either pick up on your way home or keep on hand in the freezer for a last minute meal. Either way, when the mood strikes (even if it is an afternoon or late-night snack) you for pizza or grilling, JACK’S Pizza has you covered. 

Who’s craving pizza now? 

Jack's Pizza Cheese

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