Halloween Charades Free Printable Game

Halloween charades is a lively game that can be played anywhere. It’s a hit for Halloween parties, class parties and more. Players will have fun acting out the various Halloween themes and guessing what others are acting out. Play the game in teams or for a smaller group as individuals. This Halloween activity printable is a recipe for laughter.

Halloween Charades Printable Game

Halloween Charades Printable Game

The Halloween Charades printable includes a sheet of pre-written Halloween words/phrases and a matching blank sheet so you can add your own words to the game. It also includes a printable copy of the directions below.

Download The Halloween Charades Game

Click HERE to download your copy of the Halloween Charades. 

The link above will open the Halloween Charades in a new window (in Dropbox) you can then download it to your device or send it straight to your printer. You do not need a Dropbox account to open the file, a prompt may pop up asking you to sign up for one, just X out of that and the PDF will be there for you.

How To Play Halloween Charades

Directions to play Halloween Charades are also included on page three of the game PDF.


  • Halloween Charades phrases
  • Notepad and pen to keep track of the scores
  • Timmer to keep time

Cut up the Halloween Charades word bank, you can use the blank page to add in some of your own Halloween words/phrases.

Players are divided into teams. The first player chooses a word from the pile and acts out the word or phrase they’ve chosen. Their teammates have 30 seconds to guess the word/phrase. If they guess, the team gets a point, if not it’s the other team’s turn.

Alternatively, you can play without teams. In this case, the first person to guess the word or phrase gets a point then it’s their turn to act out the word/phrase.

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