Addition And Subtraction Math Worksheets – Free Printable

Addition and subtraction math worksheets with and without regrouping. Two-digit and three-digit problems. Free printable math worksheets for extra practice at home or summer practice to help avoid the summer slip.

Free Addition Subtraction Math Worksheets Printable

For as long as I can remember, I’ve heard parents talk about third grade as being the big year. The year that school work really got serious. It was true for my oldest and has proved true for my middle child as well. It has been made even more challenging by part of this year and last being virtual. She needed more help in math this year. Regrouping (better known to parents as borrowing) has been a challenge for her. So I made her some worksheets at home for extra practice.

We did these worksheets months ago to help her get the hang of when to regroup and when not to regroup. But I also plan to print the worksheets out this summer as a little extra bonus practice for her. She won’t remember the answers and it will be a good refresher for next year.

Third grade is definitely the challenge it was predicted to be, but she’s nearly made it through the whole year now and I have also seen huge growth this year. So I think ultimately, it was a good challenge.

Addition And Subtraction Math Worksheets

I designed the addition and subtraction math worksheets with a pretty watercolor background. My daughter really liked the pretty worksheets, so it made the extra work a bit more fun. (I also let her use a colored pen to complete the work, which was a huge change from our normal pencil-only rule.)

If you want to save ink, you can also print these in black and white.

Use the form below to have the free addition and subtraction worksheets sent directly to your inbox. You will receive worksheets both with regrouping and without regrouping necessary so your child can practice based on the skill they need to work on the most. Print all of the pages or just the pages your student needs to work on at this time.

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All free printables are available for personal use only, not for reprint or resale. When sharing on Pinterest, please pin directly to this post so others can find and enjoy them. Thank you. 

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