Pet Fashion Dog Bandanas With Cricut Maker

Easy DIY reversible pet fashion dog bandanas that slip right over the collar for safe and secure pet style. Choose your favorite fabric for a cute, custom look. Use your Cricut Maker to cut out the fabric and customize the over-the-collar banana with your dog or cat’s name.

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Pet Fashion Dog Bandana Pattern

Scout And Blu

Meet Scout and Blu. Shockingly, this is the first time they have appeared on my site, although they are no strangers to my social media channels. They even have their own Instagram account. Scout and Blu are Aussiedoodles, and they are both Blu Merles, which gives them their unique color patterns. Although not very common, though not rare, they each have one blue eye. Scout is a year old, Blu is seven months old.

Scout Blu Pet Fashion Bandanas

Scout was named after Scouts because our family is very active in both Girl Scouts and BSA, Blu was named after our favorite cartoon – Bluey. A subtle Disney nod since Disney introduced us to the adorable Australian show. If you haven’t seen it, you have to watch an episode. The humor is as much for adults as it is for kids, and it is the most wholesome programming on TV.

Reversible Pet Fashion Dog Bandanas

Scout and Blu are both highly doted upon by the whole family, and my daughters are super into accessorizing them with bandanas. We already own several dog bandanas for each of the pups, but my daughters want more. So I decided to let them pick out some pretty fabrics and make pet fashion dog bandanas. My daughters were so excited, the next step is to teach my oldest how to make them so she can make as many as she likes.

For even more fun, I am going to use leftover fabric to make matching scrunchies for my daughters.

Over The Collar Dog Bandana Tutorial

Reversible over-the-collar-bananas. There are several styles of pet fashion dog bandanas tie-around-the-neck, snap-on, over-the-collar, etc. Since Blu is a bit of a maniac who loves to chew fabric, I decided to make reversible over-the-collar bandanas. These bandanas are much more secure since they slide over the collar and can’t be pulled off. So they aren’t a chewing hazard or a choking hazard for our crazy puppy.** This also makes them very easy to sew since you don’t have to fuss with fasteners.

Personalized Dog Bandana


Dog Bandana Directions

Download the pet fashion dog bandana pattern HERE.

Upload the pattern of your choice to Design Space. Choose “simple,” then save as a “cut only” image.

In Design Space, you will need to resize the pet fashion dog bandana to the right size for your dog. Tip, if you zoom out you can fit more of the image on the screen, then when you grab the corner to resize you will be able to see the dimensions of the cut file. 

  • XX-small (cat) – 6 inches wide
  • X-small – 7.5 inches wide
  • Small – 9 inches wide
  • Medium –  10 inches wide
  • Large – 11.5 inches wide

When making the xx-small – small bandana, you can get away with a 12×12 cut mat, for the larger sizes you will need the 12×24. 

Note, my 13-pound dogs are both wearing size small.

Cricut Maker Cutting Fabric

Before cutting any fabric, be sure to iron out any wrinkles. With pieces this small, I grab my Cricut EasyPress Mini for quick touch-ups.

Place fabric on your Cricut fabric mat (pink), insert the rotary blade and load the mat into Cricut Maker. Select the correct blend of fabric as the material, I used cotton. Click “cut” on the Cricut Maker.

Cricut Maker Rotary Blade

Cut two pieces of the same bandana shape in two different fabrics. Once the pieces are cut, you are ready to assemble the reversible pet fashion dog bandanas.

Cricut Maker Pet Fashion

To sew the pet fashion dog bandanas, place two right sides together and pin so they don’t shift. Sew across the top edge.

Cricut Pet Fashion Bandana Tutorial

Open the bandana flat and lay face down. Fold the straight sides over twice and pin. Stitch along the fold to create a clean hem.

DIY Reversible Over-the-Collar Dog Bandana

Fold the bandana back in half (right sides together) and sew along the two edges that form the triangle.

Sew Your Own Dog Bandana

Turn the bandana right side out. It should look like a bandana now with clean edges.

Use a Cricut Mini Press to press the seams flat.

Cricut Mini Press Dog Bandana

Topstitch a straight line across the bandana to create a channel for a collar to slip through.

At this point, the over-the-collar bandana is complete and your dog can wear it as is. If you want to personalize the bandana follow the instructions below.

Reversible Over The Collar Dog Bandana Tutorial

Pet Fashion Dog Bandanas Personalization

You can personalize a pet fashion dog bandana with a name or phrase. For this reversible bandana, I decided to add our dogs’ names to one side.

I chose the Cricut font “Boink Com” in a 62 point font. Depending on the size of the bandana you are making, the font you choose and the length of your dog’s name you can change the size to suit your needs.

Cricut Personalized Dog Bandana

Cut the name or phrase out of iron-on vinyl. Don’t forget to mirror your image before cutting!!!

For my project, I used Everyday Iron-On in Gold.

Use your Cricut Mini to iron the name or phrase onto your dog bandana.

Personalized Dog Bandana

Slipe the bandana over your dog’s collar and clasp the collar around your dog’s neck for a pet fashion dog bandana.

** Always remove bandana from an unattended pet for safety. 

Now you are ready to make your own over-the-collar reversible dog bandanas for every occasion. What kind of dog bandana will you make first?

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