Mandalorian Baby Yoda Free Printable Coloring Page Valentine

Who wouldn’t want Baby Yoda to be their valentine? Kids of all ages will enjoy passing out and coloring their own Mandalorian Baby Yoda Coloring Page Valentine. This free printable valentine makes putting together a non-candy valentine easy and adorable for all Mando fans.

Free Printable Mandalorian Baby Yoda Valentines

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Coloring Page Valentine

How cute is that mini watercolor paint set? I was so excited to find these (link below) because it makes the whole Valentine perfect for my daughter to pass out at school. The Mandalorian and painting are two of her favorite things, so my daughter loves these Valentines as much as Grugo likes snackys.

While I am the first to admit that I have a sweet tooth, I dread all of the sweets that come home on Valentine’s Day. (Plus I worry about all of our allergy friends.) It is just too much. So each year, I try to create a non-candy valentine for my kids to pass out that doesn’t include something to eat. I think the Mandalorian Baby Yoda Valentine is my favorite of those I’ve created.

Free Prinable Baby Yoda Valentines

The Mandalorian And Baby Yoda

My daughter was only two when The Mandalorian came out, but having big sisters and parents who love Star Wars we sat her down to watch it. From the first episode, she was hooked. After just a few episodes she announced she would be The Mandalorian for Halloween the next year (this was in November). I never expected it to hold her interest, but the following October she was indeed Mando for Halloween. While she thinks The Child is as cute as the next person, she is actually a bigger fan of The Mandalorian. So this valentine features both characters because after all, “This is the way.” (Stay tuned for her Mandalorian birthday party coming soon!) 

Mandalorian Valentine For Kids

The original Mandalorian and Baby Yoda artwork was designed by a talented friend of mine, then I turned it into a printable valentine for my daughter. I hope your kids love this as much as mine do. My middle daughter has decided she is going to give out these valentines as well.

Now called Grogu, The Child will always be Baby Yoda in our hearts. Whatever you call him, I hope you enjoy the Valentine coloring page.

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Valentine Materials And Tips

I purchased the mini watercolors on Amazon. Available in a 12-count or 24-count depending on your needs. If you don’t want to give watercolors, you can attach crayons instead.

Printable Watercolor Valentine Cards

If you are printing last-minute valentines (no-shame in that game, I’ve been there!), you can also give the coloring page as is. Kids can use what they have at home to color the Valentine. And yes, if your kiddo really wants to give out candy, you can totally attach candy to this valentine as well. 😉

Be sure to print these valentines on cardstock vs copy paper. Since the valentine is double-sided, if you use copy paper you will see the other side. Plus the cardstock makes a nice Valentine and works well for watercolors. I use this cardstock paper for all of my printables. 

Download the Mandalorian Baby Yoda Coloring Page Valentine FRONT HERE and BACK HERE.

Mandalorian Baby Yoda Coloring Page Valentine

The downloaded file is two separate pages. Print page one on the front of the paper, and then print the second page on the back. If your printer has the ability to print double-sided, you can use that feature. Otherwise, place the paper back into the printer to print the other side.

Each page will yield four valentines. Use a pretty tape to attach the paint pallet to the back of valentine and fill in the to and from lines. (Mom tip, if your child doesn’t have a class kist they can always write “my friend” in the to line.)

Baby Yoda Mandalorian Free Printable Valentine

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