How To Make A Virtual Escape Room Using Google Forms

Last spring, I stumbled upon a virtual escape room and shared it with my daughter. Little did I know that was the spark that would inspire her to build her own website. Not long after she completed that first digital escape room, she started making her own free virtual escape rooms. From the very first one she made, people have asked her how. After months of making her own, she sat down to make a tutorial to teach others how to make a virtual escape room using Google Forms.

How To Make A Virtual Escape Room Tutorial

How To Make A Virtual Escape Room

This post is one part mom brag and one part sharing something that parents, teachers and Scout leaders all over the country have emailed me asking me how to do. Teachers want to make their own virtual escape rooms for students to teach the concepts they are working on and Scout leaders want to inspire kids how to make their own virtual escape rooms.

My daughter has turned her passion for creating virtual escape rooms for kids into a Silver Award Project for Girl Scouts. The highest award a Girl Scout can earn while in middle school. She found a need — kids learning from home looking for virtual activities. Then she found a way to fulfill that need — with her online escape rooms. Finally, she is making her project sustainable by creating her very own website to host all of her virtual escape rooms and writing a tutorial so kids and adults can create their own. She has already put in the required 50 hours for the award creating the website, tutorial and eight virtual escape rooms, and she has plans for several more virtual escape rooms.

Free Virtual Escape Room With Google Forms

My daughter makes all of her virtual escape rooms using Google Forms. It is a free and simple tool being used in a creative new way. It doesn’t take a great deal of technical knowledge, you just have to follow the prompts and choose how you want to layout the puzzles. Plus a little time and patience, of course.

The best thing about these virtual escape rooms is that they can be done with any theme and any difficulty level. While my daughter has focused on holidays and puzzles that can be completed by elementary children, we’ve successfully completed virtual escape rooms about some of our favorite movie characters and some that were a much more challenging level. I’ve also spoken to teachers who use digital escape rooms to teach school units

Ready to make your own virtual escape room? Find my daughter’s tutorial on her website HERE.

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