Thanksgiving Kids Craft: Handprint Turkey Crown

A few years ago, K and I made a Thanksgiving Crown for her to wear during Thanksgiving dinner. She was three at the time and so proud of her crown. This year, I decided we would make a crown with her sister (now three), but this time we would make a Turkey Thanksgiving Crown.

Thanksgiving Kids Craft Turkey Crown
Because I am a sucker for anything made with kids’ handprints, I designed this turkey to have hand print feathers. The crown turned out so cute that after making it with my preschooler, I decided to create a pattern in order to make the Turkey Crown as the November craft project with K’s Girl Scout Troop.

I am pleased to tell you that the first grade girls also loved their turkey crowns!

Thanksgiving Kids Craft


  • Brown, orange, red, yellow and white construction paper
  • Glue sticks
  • Stapler
  • Printable turkey pattern (see below)

Because I needed templates for 10 turkey crowns for my Girl Scouts, I created a printable turkey pattern to be printed directly onto construction paper – eliminating the need for me to trace a pattern over and over.

Since most construction paper is 9×12, you need to trim your paper before printing.

Free Printable Turkey Pattern

Fun fact – the turkey’s body is actually 2/3 of a Mickey Mouse head.

For the turkey’s feathers, trace your child’s hands onto the red, orange and yellow paper. And draw the center of the eyes into the white circles. (If you are making multiple crowns, I cut the paper into quarters for the hands.)

After cutting out all of your pieces, assemble the crown with glue sticks. For the crown portion, use a stapler – it holds better.

Tip – this simple craft is a great way to keep little hands busy while you are setting the Thanksgiving table!

For Girl Scout Leaders – I made this craft a Daisy’s Green Petal Activity. Teaching them to be considerate by encouraging them to take turns tracing each other’s hands and sharing materials.

Don’t forget to have your kids wear their Turkey Crowns for Thanksgiving dinner.

Before you go, be sure to print out my Thanksgiving Placemat activity pages.

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