Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule Checklist – Free Printable

Who is ready for Hallmark Christmas movies? This mom! The time has come, Hallmark Christmas movies start October 24. That’s right, it’s time to get your Christmas movie fix on, and I am here for it. Let the Christmas movie marathon begin! Don’t miss a movie with this Hallmark Christmas Movie schedule checklist free printable.

This post is about the 2020 Christmas Movie schedule, for the newest information and printable visit the Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule Checklist 2022.

Hallmark Christmas Movies Schedule Printable 2020

With 40 brand new Hallmark Christmas movies for 2020 (23 on Hallmark Channel and 17 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries), watching them all is a big undertaking, but by starting in October it CAN be done. Who’s with me?!

How To Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies

Since we got rid of cable five years, watching Hallmark Christmas movies can be a challenge. But there are options for streaming Hallmark Christmas movies. If you don’t have cable to watch your Hallmark movies, you can watch via these streaming services.

  • Frndly TV – Frndly TV is a streaming service that offers 40 family-friendly channels including Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, and Hallmark Drama. With Frndly TV, you’ll be able to watch all the new releases as they air on cable, plus shows on-demand, so you can binge-watch some of your favorite Hallmark movies all season long for $6.99 a month. Frndly TV works with Apple, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast, and you can cancel your subscription anytime. (This is the service I have used for the past two years and already have set up for this year.) Want to see if Frndly TV works for you, try the FREE 7-day trial.
  • Hallmark Movies Now – You can get a seven-day free trial of Hallmark Movies Now, and then pay $5.99 per month to watch Hallmark Movies. Here’s the catch, Hallmark Movies Now will not be streaming any of the new releases. Instead, you can catch up on old favorites. The upside is that you can cancel at any time. So whenever you’ve had your fill, you can cancel your subscription. (I’ve used this in the past, I didn’t like the functionality as well but it may have changed.)
  • Sling TV, AT&T TV, Philo – If you already use Sling TV, AT&T TV or Philo for your streaming service, just add Hallmark Channels to your current package so you can watch Hallmark movies in real time. On Sling TV the Lifestyles package includes Hallmark Channel for $6 a month.

Hallmark Christmas Movie Checklist 2020

Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule Checklist free printable includes all 40 movies. The movies listed at 8 pm are the Hallmark Channel movies and the movies listed at 9 pm are those airing on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. If you plan to accomplish the whole list, you will need double checkmarks in each box – perhaps red and green pens are in order.

Of course, my problem will be getting sucked into movies from other years that are either favorites or ones I’ve missed. Ahhh so many movies, so little holiday season. It’s a good thing we get to kick off our movie watching in October.

Let’s get our cozy ‘jamies on and curl up for some Hallmark Christmas Movies!

Don’t want to sign up for the free printable? I have a slightly different version available in my Etsy Shop HERE.

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  1. I hope someone can help me with this…I’ll start watching a movie on Hallmark channel using Sling, I’ll watch maybe half, then pause it and go to bed. The next day I cannot find the movie I was watching just the day before! They are all 2020 Christmas movies, and on your checklist, so I know Hallmark would not have removed them. This has happened to me three times. Anyone else??

  2. I still have not received my Hallmark Christmas list for 2021. I have submitted my e mail twice. Please send it to my in box. Thank you


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