6 New Products Your Kids Will Love For Play, Learn & Health

School is back in full swing and we’ve discovered some new products to add to our school routine that are already a huge hit with my family. Some are practical, like blue light glasses for kids, while others help add a little fun to our after school downtime like the InstaStudio. Check out these 6 new products your kids will love. Which one do you think will be the favorite in your house?

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New for Kids Health Learn & Play

InstaStudio Review

The surprise hit from our box of goodies is the InstaStudio. I probably should have realized how much my kids would love this, but I really didn’t. The moment they spotted it, they were all over it. And even now as I write, I hear Sis making another video in the other room. If your kids have a phone or iPod and love to make videos, the InstaStudio is a must.


InstaStudio comes with everything you need to make slime videos including the InstaStudio camera holder, three slime compounds, a variety of foam beads and mix-ins, mixing tool, fun backgrounds and a background diffuser. Not only is it the ultimate hands-free video recording tool for slime, my kids are also using the studio to make their own drawing tutorials too. It’s so cute!

The premade slime included with InstaStudio is great because it is not messy, but it is very aromatic. The box says the slimes are scented orange citrus, blue raspberry and pink bubblegum, but really they are all just highly perfumed. Kids love them, mom not as much. But the fun they are having with the InstaStudio completely outweighs the smell. They will be using the InstaStudio long after the slime is gone.

You can find InstaStudio at Target (for less than $20), and this is defiantly an excellent gift idea. I posted videos of my kids using it on my personal Facebook page and multiple parents have already told me that after showing the videos to their kids it is now on their wishlists.

Kids Slime InstaStudio

Kids Zenni Blue Light Glasses Review

One of the main reasons I agreed to review this box of goodies was for the blue light glasses from Zenni eyewear. With our kids spending all day on the computers this fall, I was already looking into blue light glasses for kids so the timing was perfect. While our middle daughter wears prescription glasses, our oldest has great vision so the non-prescription blue light glasses are perfect. She loves the stylish frames, and I am hoping that blocking blue light will help with eye strain and headaches.

In addition to non-prescription lenses, glasses wearers can also get blue light blocking prescription lenses. Prices vary, but these clear frames cost less than $25. Zenni eyewear has frames for kids ages 4-15. Learn more about these blue light glasses HERE. (I want a pair for me now too!)

Blue Light Glasses for Kids

Grouch Couch Review

If you are looking for a game that will inspire giggles, this is it! My kids think this game is hilarious. Grouch Couch from SpinMaster is very much like our own couch swallowing up items like coins, food crumbs, toys and more. Unlike our family couch, Grouch Couch is grumpy about it and when you push the remote it grumbles and comes to life, and sometimes it spits out things it ate (which is very funny). Kids collect the coin items and at the end of the game the winner is the one holding the most coins.

Grouch Couch

I like the game not only because of the giggles, but it is also a short game. So families can play two or three games quickly, and there is no skill in winning it’s all random.

The game is for ages 5+ because of all the small pieces, but our littlest one joined in the hilarity under supervision. I think the target audience for this game is probably ages 5-10, but even our 12-year-old couldn’t stop herself from laughing. Defiantly a great gift option.

You can find Grouch Couch at Target and Walmart.

Grouch Couch Game

Funkins Lunch Bags, Cloth Napkins, Placemat + Family Face Masks

Just in time for back to school, Funkins arrived with adorable lunch bags, cloth napkins, placemats and face masks. The kid-friendly patterns are great for little kids, and everything is high-quality. I love the idea of a waste-free lunch with reusable cloth napkins and placemats. I know my daughter often spreads her napkin on the table to eat, so the reusable placemat seems like a great idea to reduce waste. The insulating lunchboxes are even machine washable.

Funkins Lunch Bags

I was most excited about the face masks because they are really nice quality. With soft, adjustable ear straps and nose wire, the kid’s masks fit the older kids well and the adult ones fit me. (The kid’s masks were still too big for our toddler, so they are probably best for elementary age kids.) And Sis couldn’t believe that among the mermaids and unicorns we also got a koala mask. She is obsessed with koalas, so it is perfect and she’s already asking for another one.

Find Funkins online HERE and use code Babble2020 for 25% off lunch bags and napkins/placemats sets through September 15, 2020.

Cute Masks For Kids

Lunch Notes from Me! Review

I admit that while I was really good with personal lunch notes when my oldest started school, I’ve been terrible with my middle child. Like, maybe not at all. I love Lunch Notes From Me! because they are easy, my kids love them because they are funny. They are the kind of notes kids love to receive and then they can share the jokes with friends at lunch.

Lunch Notes From Me

Each pack comes with 101 pre-printed lunch notes printed with two jokes. They are bound like a notepad, so you can tear off the top one, tuck it in the lunchbox and be done. No looking up jokes or writing your own, easy peasy.

You could also use these riddles for boredom busters, but I am tucking these in the pantry for when the kids returned to school. I think I will even include them in our middle schooler’s lunch, I think she will still like jokes in her lunch.

You can find Lunch Notes From Me! at Target in the school supply section or online at MyWish4U. There are a variety of different packs available and a pack is $4.99.

Lunch Notes From Me!

TBH Shampoo, Conditioner & Deodorant Review

TBH (to be honest) products are made with tweens and teens in mind. The products are formulated with natural ingredients that encourage clear, hydrated skin and clean, oil-free hair. The kids shampoo and conditioner are lightly scented with no harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates or phthalates. My oldest reports that it smells nice and that her hair feels soft and clean.

The aluminum-free deodorant for kids is made with a blend of charcoal, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, and witch hazel that helps neutralize odors and absorb wetness. Because it is also fragrance-free it is good for girls and boys.

Find TBH products online HERE and receive 15% off sitewide on purchases of $10+ with discount code TBH4me. 

TBH Kids Shampoo

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