20 Free Printable 2020 Calendars

As 2020 approaches it is not only the end of another year, but the end of a DECADE. A new decade always seems epic, but this one seems especially so. “The twenties” has always conjured up visions of the roaring twenties from history books and costume parties, and now we will live through our own set of “twenties.” To me, that feels epic. I don’t foresee us wearing flapper dresses again in this decade, but I suppose it remains to be seen. Cheers to the next twenties! To help you start the twenties organized, here are 20 free 2020 printable calendars.

20 Free 2020 Printable Calendars

As you scroll through this epic list of calendars, think about what you need — a Sunday or Monday start, landscape or portrait, a big space for note taking. Then pick your favorite, download and start planning for an fresh New Year and an epic new decade.

To download the free 2020 calendar of your choice, please visit the individual blog listed. Note, while all of the calendars listed here are free, a few require an email list sign up. This is how bloggers grow their business so they can continue to offer free printables. 

20 Free Printable 2020 Calendars

Since you are probably going to look at your calendar a lot, it might as well be nice to look at and the floral calendar from The Navage Patch definitely fits that requirement. If you are looking for a full planner, the site also has one available. It doesn’t match, but it is equally pretty (and free).


Calling all dog lovers! The Shining Mom has the perfect dog calendar. The site has a bunch of different designs avilable (scroll to the bottom of the page to see other designs), but this year the dog calendar has my heart.

Dog 2020 Calendar Free Printable

My favorite thing about the planner from Cute Freebies is that it includes printable stickers. They can be used with the coordinating calendar or any other calendar. You can also choose a Sunday or Monday start.

2020 Printable Calendar Stickers

I chose the calendar from Short Stop Designs as my calendar for last year, and it has been updated for 2020. I like that you can choose a landscape or portait layout (I prefer landscape) and that each month has a different design. I still haven’t decided which calendar I am going to print for 2020, but I might just use this one again.


Botanical Paperworks has been in my calendar roundup for the last few years. Its calendar with tips on how to be more eco-friendly is always one of my favorites. This year I am featuring its new design – Boho Chic design. In total, you can find 6 designs from Botanical Paperworks – boho chic, coloring page, eco friendly, inspirational, chalkboard and geometric.

Free Printable Calendar 2020 Boho Chic

With a small header area The Cozy Red Cottage maximized writing space by making the calendar as big as possible to fit on a page – yippie! And yet, it still manages to look lovely with florals that reach down into the calendar area. While I usually choose a larger notes section, I think this might be the winner for me for 2020.

Floral 2020 Calendar Printable

Printables and Inspirations – is another site that offers a bunch of different 2020 calendar designs (scroll to the bottom). I picked this cherry blossoms calendar to feature, but my favorite part is that this calendar is available with either a Sunday or Monday start. I prefer to look at my calendar with a Monday start, and every time I fall in love with a calendar with a Sunday start I spend the first half of the year confused. So I appreciate options.

Cherry Blossoms Calendar Printable

The built-in to-do list and notes section of the calendar from Frugal Fanatic makes my list-making self happy. Lots of room to write and make notes with bubbles to check off completed items.

Free 2020 Calendar

The splash of watercolor and a sprig of eucalyptus make the Wonder and Wildness calendar both elegant and refreshing to look at.

2020 Printable Calendar Green

The watercolor florals on the monthly 2020 calendar from Home Printables are dreamy. They just make me want to smile. Other calendar designs, including the Happy Life Planner, are also available on the site.

Watercolor 2020 Free Printable Calendar

While The Cottage Market has tons of super cute designs, including lots of characters (like Harry Potter, Princesses, Avengers, and more), I chose the Kawaii Llama calendar to feature in honor of my daughter is currently obsessed with llamas. I plan to print this one out for her and give it to her with a new set of fun pens so she can keep track of her middle school activities.

Free Printable 2020 Llama Calendar

Miss Tiina offers bright and colorful calendars with lots of room for notes. Available in several formats and designs, there are also coordinating pages for weekly planning. I also love the weekend planners.

2020 Colorful Calendar

I am a big fan of the large notes section on the True Bliss Designs calendar, and while the background color is pretty I like the ink-saving option of no background color. It is also available in a couple of different sizes so you can print the one that works best for you.

2020 Floral Calendar

I love the boldness of the Moritz Fine Designs calendar. Bold colors, big numbers, something about it makes me happy. And you can still write on top of the grey scale numbers so it is equally practical.

2020 Calendar Free

Start your color pencils! The Sarah Renae Clark is perfect for doodling. Whether you personalize each month in one session or use it to clear your mind a little here and a little there, the coloring calendar is one of the most costomizeable printable calendars available. A matching planner is also available, but unlike the 2020 calendar, the full planner is not free.

Free 2020 Coloring Calendar

Simple, clean and with a different color every month the My Only Sunshine Blog calendar is one of my favorites. It’s ink friendly, but I like that each month has a different color. For something a little more funky, there is another design that is totally rad (and channeling the ’80s) available.

2020 Printable 12-Month Calendar

The calendar from Paper Trail Design is the calendar equivalent of the little black dress. Simple, yet elegant it gets the job done in black and while. Portrait layout and other simple designs also available at the bottom of the page.


For those who like to personalize their calendar, here is another 2020 calendar coloring page from Woo! Jr. Bonus you get to save ink and choose your own color scheme.

printable coloring calendar

On Sutton Place also has a great space for note-taking and a different design each month. I tend to prefer calendars with a slightly different look each month because it makes it feel fresh and new each month. 

Free Printable Calendar 2020

For those who want it ALL, the planner at The Handmade Home has everything – 750 pages worth! It is a full planner, available in multiple sizes and designs with contacts, birthdays, dividers, monthly calendars, weekly calendars, student pages, budget pages, meal planning, printable stickers and much more. Did I mention it is all really pretty too?!

Free Planner 2020

Well, there you have it 20 free printable calendars for 2020. Choose your favorite, download, print and get ready to ring in a new decade. Happy New Year.

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