New Year’s Eve Balloon Clock Countdown

How do you plan to ring in the new year? For the last several years we have taken turns with friends hosting a low-key celebration. It has become my favorite way to wind down the year. Every year I like to create a few simple decorations to make the evening special. For this year I have come up with a New Year’s Eve Balloon Clock.

New Year's Eve Balloon Clock

This post is sponsored by Balloon Time, but the fun craft is my own.

A simple project that makes a BIG impact, the New Year’s Eve Balloon Clock makes a fun decoration, photo background and take-home gift for the kids! (Because you know the kids are all going to want to take home a balloon at the end of the night!)

Looking for cute activities for New Year’s Eve? Don’t miss my free printable New Year’s Eve Time Capsule to remember the past year and look forward to some new year’s resolutions.

New Year’s Eve Balloon Clock

I did a trial run of my of the New Year’s Eve Balloon Clock, and it was a big hit with my family. I learned a few things in the process, so defiantly heed my tips. When you stand back to admire your balloon clock, I hope it makes you smile as much as me.

Speaking of kids taking balloons home, after all the pictures were taken I greeted the kids at the bus stop with a bunch of balloons and made their afternoons.

Balloon Countdown


Balloon Time Tank


To create the numbers for the balloons, you can use a cutting machine or a stencil to hand cut the numbers. (I used my Cricut and Avenir Next Condensed font.)

Blow up balloons using the Balloon Time helium tank.

Place numbers on the balloons.

Balloon Time New Years Eve

Tie the curling ribbon to each balloon and arrange by varying heights in a circle like a clock. Tape curling ribbon to the floor to hold in place. I highly recommend doing this project with a partner. Hanging balloons in a circle solo is tricky!

Tip – balloons do not stay still, so I used painter’s tape to tape the back of my balloons to the wall so they would not spin. 

Cut large clock hands out of card stock. Use painter’s tape to place hands in the middle of the clock numbers.

Optional – As you count down each hour of New Year’s Eve, reposition clock hands to tell the time.

New Years Eve Countdown

I hope you enjoy your New Year’s Eve Balloon Clock and have a very happy new year!

Don’t forget to pick up a Balloon Time tank for all of your party balloon needs.

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    • I did not put anything in the balloons. I started too, but that made them too heavy to tape to the wall. You might be able to get away with a slip of paper, but that’s about it.


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