Should I Have Another Baby? 6 Reasons To Have A Third Baby (Or More)

Two kids were always the plan. My husband and I both come from families with two kids, and a family of four seemed ideal. That was what we both pictured for our future, until that pictured changed for me. The decision to have another child is not easy, but from the moment she arrived everyone knew it was the right one. Wondering should I have another baby? Here are six reasons to have another baby from a mom of three.

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Should I Have Another Baby

Our middle daughter was 18 months old when the idea of a third child became very real. It was a nagging feeling that wouldn’t leave me alone. I waited until after her second birthday to bring it up to my husband. He actually laughed. He thought I was joking. But that nagging feeling that our family wasn’t complete didn’t go away.

My husband had all of the logical reservations – we had already been blessed with two healthy kids, affording another child, space to put another child, juggling three kids, the list went on. But none of that mattered to me. He was right, of course, but it didn’t matter. I saw us as a family of five.

I am still not sure what finally changed his mind. Perhaps I wore him down, perhaps he missed having a baby in the house too. But he finally agreed to my crazy idea, and when she was born our family was finally complete.

The Suburban Mom Family of Five

Should I Have Another Baby?

I call her my “just one more baby,” and we are all thankful for her everyday. Her smile, her hugs and even the chaos she brings. Everyone told us going from two to three would be considerably harder than from one to two kids, but they were wrong. For us two to three was the easiest transition.

No Regrets

I’ve never met anyone who regretted having one more child, but I have met plenty of people who wish they had that one more baby. Even though my husband stood firm for a long time, he has never regretted agreeing to my “just one more baby.” And no one could imagine our lives without her. If you are wondering should I have another baby, this may be the only reason you need.

Things Just Work Out

What about all of those logical reasons not to have another child? They just don’t matter any more. Things like money and space just seem to work themselves out. Sure, there is less of both, but there is so much more laughter. Is our house overrun with toys and our lives more chaotic? Of course. But we also have mega family dance parties.

Third Baby

All Of The Firsts

First steps, first words — we get to do it all over again. And this time we get to share our excitement over each of these milestones with her big sisters. Everyone gets excited when P does something new, and seeing my older daughters share in that joy has been amazing.

The Third Baby Is Easier

I don’t know if P is really an easier kid than my first two or if I am just more laid back. Either way, my stress level is down. Nap schedule messed up because we have to take big sister somewhere, “Oh well.” Not hitting a milestone exactly on time, “She will catch up.” I am a different mom than I was a decade ago, and I think each of my kids has benefitted from my growth as a mom.

A Team Of Helpers

The old saying, “It takes a village.” When you have older siblings, they become your village. Our daughters are 10, 6 and 1, which means the older girls really a big help. They love looking out for their little sister, and they really are good at helping.

Big Sister Little Sister Reading

The Latest And Greatest For Baby

It is amazing how much baby gear changed in the last decade. From new things to updates to my favorite products, it has been fun to do it all again. I’ve been a Pampers mom since 2008, and my favorite diapers are still Pampers Swaddlers.

Swaddlers used to only go to size three, and I remember being sad when my oldest grew out of them. But they expanded to size six when my middle daughter was in diapers so they remained my go-to diapers the entire time she was in diapers.

Today, Swaddlers are softer than ever with new Heart Quilts. Baby’s spend nearly 24 hours, seven days a week in diapers. That’s why Pampers has introduced an upgraded Swaddlers diaper that is two times softer to keep babies more comfortable than ever and offer the most premium protection. My favorite diapers are even better.

And as a girl mom, I also love that Pampers Swaddlers are still solid white because they don’t show through clothes!

By the way, P is just a bit older now that her sister was when it became clear to me that we were meant to be a family of five. While I joke with my husband about another baby, I know our family is complete. The nagging feeling is gone. She was what was missing, and I am so glad she is part of our lives.

One more reason to have a third baby, coming up with a fun baby #3 announcement.

Unicorn Party Family Photo

Don’t miss my daughter’s unicorn first birthday party.

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  1. I love the encouragement. I think there is a stigma in today’s society with having more than 2 children. I’m 33 years old and the oldest of 7. It was no walk in the park for my parents, but there was only that much more love in our home.

    • I love families of all sizes! But I know I had doubts when we were thinking about #3, and I read a lot of posts about bigger families. I hope my post gives someone who is on the fence comfort. Baby #3 was the best decision we’ve made! <3


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