Baby #3 Announcement (Surprise!!!)

Earlier this month I surprised friends and family with a baby #3 announcement, and it was a lot of fun. On a Wednesday evening, around 6:30, I posted this:

January 2017

Baby #3 Announcement

And then we waited…

It didn’t take long before the first people saw it (all blogger friends), and soon my phone was blowing up with comments, messages and texts. Having not really done anything fun to announce we were expecting with either of our other kids, it was a lot of fun to see how people reacted. 

Unfortunately, pregnancy is not easy for me. And at 12 weeks, I was still very sick. So this was a wonderful bright spot for me and my family.

Baby #3 Announcement

Since only one other person knew before that moment, we took the photos ourself and I put them together in Picmonkey (free). 

In fact, we had only told our daughters of our news earlier that day. So the whole day was filled with excitement. 

BABY #3!!!! 

My daughters are currently 8 and 4, and while that makes it sound like they are perfectly spaced out… they will be nearly 9 and 5 when the baby is born. It’s a bit more space than we had planned, but we couldn’t be more excited… even if I am a little nervous to go back to diapers and 2 am feedings after being out of the game for so long. 

Baby #3 Gender Reveal

Thanks to modern medicine, and the fact that I am now of “advanced maternal age,” which means over 35 (WHO came up with that term?!?!). I took a blood test at 12 weeks, which separated fetal blood cells from my blood to determine the baby’s risk for several conditions and also provided us the sex of the baby.

So at 14 weeks, we had another fun announcement. 

It’s a…

While the girls may have been temporarily more excited about the silly string, they are thrilled to pieces with anticipation of another sister! 

So that’s the big news in our house, and now I am thrilled to share the news with my readers!

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