School Bus Sun Catcher – Back To School Craft

There are just a few days left of summer, and everyone is looking forward to seeing the big yellow school bus pull up. We are spending the final days before school getting last minute supplies and haircuts, but we are also making the most of our final lazy days with pool time and crafts. Today we made a new version of one of our favorite crafts in honor of the new school year – school bus sun catcher. 

School Bus Sun Catcher

School Bus Sun Catcher

I love making sun catchers with my kids because they are super simple, always turn out cute and can be made in any design to suit their mood. 


  • Construction paper – yellow, black and red
  • Tissue paper – yellow
  • Contact paper
  • Sharpie


I planned to use the template from my school bus countdown craft, but I decided the bus was too small for this. So I ended up just using a ruler to draw straight lines to create the shape of the bus. But I did use the template to help my girls create the windows and stop sign. 

After creating the outline of the bus, I helped my kids cut it out. Tip – save the inside bus shape, my kids used those to create another craft coloring people and designs on the buses. Two crafts in one!

Cut the tissue paper into one-inch strips, and then show your kids how to cut off pieces. It is great for practicing with scissors because it doesn’t matter how big or small the pieces come out.

Cutting Tissue Paper

Cut out the windows, wheels stop sign. (I used a punch for our wheels, but there is a circle on the template as well.)

Place the bus outline on a pice of slightly larger contact paper, and then have your child place the windows and stop sign on the contact paper. Be sure to do this the reverse of the direction you want the bus to face.

Have your child fill in the bus with pieces of tissue paper however they want. This is the fun part!

Back To School Craft

When the bus has been filled in with tissue paper, place the wheels and cover the whole project with another piece of contact paper. Trim around the edges to finalize the project.

Hang in the window with a piece of tape. 

For now our school busses are hanging in the front window, but Sissy says she is going to give hers to her teacher on the first day. 

Have a great school year! 

School Bus Kids Craft

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