How To Create A Gallery Wall – The Easy Way

When I mentioned my idea for a new gallery wall it was met with a loud sigh and a lot of grumbling from my husband. Precision photo hanging has to be one of his least favorite of my projects. All the measuring and lining things up, and frames still never seem to hang level. But I assured him — this time would be different. I had a plan, I knew how to create a gallery wall — the easy way! 

Instagram Gallery Wall

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Many of our favorite family moments have been captured on Instagram, so I wanted a place to show off our favorite Instagram photos. My plan was to use the now blank wall over my Better Homes and Gardens Buffet. (When we painted the walls a few months back I decided I was tired of the mirror that used to hang in this spot, so it has been sitting empty ever since.)

I found the perfect square frames from Better Homes and Gardens for Walmart. They were exactly what I was looking for, and you can’t beat the price (under $15 for a set of two!). After picking out frames, I ordered my secret weapon — Command Picture Hanging Strips. (If you haven’t used these before, just wait to see how easy they are!) I also ordered prints from Walmart’s photo lab, and I had everything shipped directly to the store for easy pick up.

Easy Gallery Wall

How To Create A Gallery Wall

I love Command products. I can’t even count how many times I have used them in my house, but this was my first attempt at hanging a wall of pictures with the photo strips. The photo strips are Velcro-like with Command adhesive. 

Gallery Wall Frames

After laying out my frames and confirming the placement on the wall, I turned them all over and placed two strips on each side of the frames — with the opposite side of the picture strip clicked into place. (Note, the instructions say you can use one strip across the top for frames under 4 pounds, but I want to make sure these frames stay put.)

Command Picture Strips

We measured the middle of the wall for a base line, removed the adhesive lining and stuck the frame to the wall. Then we hung the rest of the frames off the first frame using a level and a ruler.

Hanging A Gallery Wall

Once all of the frames had been stuck to the wall, we carefully pulled the frames down leaving one side of the Command strips on the wall. Following the instructions on the package, we pushed each strip on the wall for 30 seconds and then let them sit for an hour with no weight. 

Command Picture Strips Gallery Wall

We came back later and used our level to once again stick the frames to the walls, perfectly level. It was so easy, I don’t think my husband will ever use a nail picture hanger again! 

Gallery Wall Ideas

Transforming the blank wall easy and quick, and I love the way the new gallery wall shows off some of our favorite moments.

BHG for Walmart has a huge selection of frames to help you create the perfect gallery wall. Whether you are looking for uniform black frames or a variety to create an eclectic look, BHG for Walmart has you covered. 

While my local store has a pretty good selection, I highly recommend checking out the selection online because that’s where you will find the multi-count value packs of frames. Like this five-count of frames that includes various sizes for $15.09 or this four-count of 5×7 frames for $10.47. 

How To Create A Gallery Wall The Easy Way

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