Choosing The Best Bottle For A Breastfed Baby

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Playtex BabyTM.

Before my oldest was born, I had a complete freak out moment trying to decide what bottles and nipples to buy for her. I was certain my baby was going to starve if I didn’t buy the right bottle/nipple combo. Dramatic? Yes, but that’s what a baby will do to a new mom! I decided to ask my only mom friend what she used and go with that. Nine years later, we are feeding our third baby with the same bottles, Playtex BabyTM Nurser with Drop-Ins® Liners.

Best Bottle For A Breastfed Baby

As with seemingly all things related to babies, even Playtex Nursers with Drop-Ins have changed in the last nine years. When I bought bottles for our new baby I was surprised to see that the Nurser bottle now bends. It’s a really cool new feature that helps feed the baby at a more comfortable angle.

Despite the change to the shape of the bottle, my favorite feature of the Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins remains the same – the drop-in liners.

Bottle Fed Baby

Best Bottle For A Breastfed Baby

I am a breastfeeding mom. I nursed my oldest for 13 months, my middle for 21 months and I will nurse baby girl for as long as it makes sense. But as a nursing mom, my girls get bottles of pumped milk regularly. I like the Playtex Nurser with Drop-Ins because they are so close to breastfeeding, which is important to me.

The Nurser bottle simulates the same suck, swallow, breathe patterns as breastfeeding. As the baby drinks, the pre-sterilized liner gently collapses, just like the breast does naturally while breastfeeding. This helps prevent air from mixing with milk and getting into baby’s tummy.

Dad Bottle Feeding Baby

The liners make bottle prep easy. Just pop in a liner, fill and feed. When baby is done the liners make for easy clean up and can be recycled along with your plastic bags. 

The Playtex Nurser comes with the Most Like Mom® NaturaLatch® Nipple, which is designed for babies switching between breast and bottle. The NaturaLatch Nipple has a natural wide shape and a raised texture, which helps baby latch on naturally.

Playtex Bottle Nipple Natural Latch

I’m not the only mom who loves the Playtex Nurser, the bottle received a Baby Center Moms’ Picks award, as voted on by thousands of picky parents.

Tips For A Breastfed Baby Refusing A Bottle

While my first two had no issues transitioning back and forth between breast and bottle, it has been a challenge with number three. When we first tried the bottle, she flat out refused. Unwilling to have a baby who wouldn’t take a bottle, we have worked diligently to teach her to take a bottle. 

My best tips for introducing baby to a bottle are:

  • Start early – We realized she was rejecting a bottle at a couple weeks old. By one month, we were regularly working with her to take the bottle. 
  • Start with breast milk – Even if you switch to formula later, start with something familiar.
  • Have someone other than mom bottle feed – When possible, have dad or an older sibling offer baby the bottle.
  • Baby steps – Don’t expect baby to chug a large bottle at once. Start with just an ounce or two and work your way up.
  • Be consistent – When we realized baby girl didn’t want the bottle, we started offering it to her every day. We chose a time when she would be hungry, but not starving and worked with her to drink just an ounce from the bottle. When the bottle was empty (or we gave up, in the early days), baby finished on the breast. 

The Playtex Nurser bottles are available at Walmart, which is where I buy mine. Right now, you will find a $3 off coupon on-box coupon for the three pack of 8 oz Playtex Nurser bottles. The box comes with a few starter liners, but you will want to pick up a pack of liners too. Find a Walmart near you. #MomsFirst #ForBetterBeginnings

Playtex Nurser Bottles

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