The Playtex Baby Mom Trust: The Tip ALL Moms Should Know

There were a lot of moments that led up to starting this blog. One of those moments was when I had a semi-nervous breakdown when I went to register. I was 20-something weeks pregnant with my oldest, and I came face to face with a wall of nipples and pacifiers. 

Playtex Baby Bottle Nipples

Staring at that giant wall of overwhelming choices, I had no idea how to choose. And (in my hormonal state) my mind quickly leapt from, “Which one do I get?” to, “If I can’t pick the right nipple, my daughter will starve.” Followed by mass hysteria, tears and an abandoned trip to register for my baby.

A year later, with a healthy baby girl (who never starved) I realized that there were many moms out there who probably felt the same way I did. Well, maybe not to the baby-store breakdown level, but confused and overwhelmed as to what was best for their family. Ultimately, The Suburban Mom was born out of a desire to share my experiences with other moms. 

Playtex DropIns Bottle

Joining the Playtex Baby Mom Trust team feels like life coming around full circle. Because when I got my composure and went back to register (with the help of an experienced friend) I filled my registry with Playtex products including narrowing all of those nipples down to those for Playtex Drop-Ins. (The only bottles I used with both of my girls.)

Playtex Baby has put together a virtual network of parenting experts (the Mom Trust), and I am thrilled to be joining the panel. Throughout the year I will share my experience with Playtex Baby products as well as stories and tips about this unique journey called parenthood. 

I am excited to share my experiences over the next year through the Mom Trust. For now I want to leave you with a mom tip that has been invaluable to me over the years.

Playtex Drop Ins

Best Veteran Mom Tip Ever

A smart woman I know once told me to always double or even triple sheet my daughter’s crib/bed. First a waterproof mattress, then a sheet, then a waterproof mattress and another sheet. That way when she has an accident or gets sick in the middle of the night, all you have to do is strip off one layerno changing sheets in the middle of the night! 

I thought it was pure generousness, and it has proved to be very helpful a great many of times over the last 5+ years!

In case you can’t tell — The first picture is of me feeding my oldest in 2008, the second big girl feeding baby sister in 2011. Playtex all the way. 

12 thoughts on “The Playtex Baby Mom Trust: The Tip ALL Moms Should Know”

  1. What a great post. I could not agree more – the choices of nipples and bottles were OVERWHELMING especially with my first baby – I had no clue about…well…anything! We also used Playtex bottles quite often (along with a few others)

  2. I used platex all the time when my kids were babies! They often had the best feeding products! And I love that tip of layer the bedding! So much easier in the middle of the night. I remember those 2am bedvsheet changes. Not Fun! If we have more kids I’m so doing that!!


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