I’m A 2017 Generation Graco Panel Member

This is part of a sponsored post series featuring the latest and greatest from Generation Graco.

A lot has change since my first baby was born 9 years ago. And in those nine years, I have gained a lot of confidence as a mother. I no longer find myself in a panic over baby bottle options, instead I find myself admiring all of the new inventions that have come along. Despite all of the things that have changed, I still find myself relying on tried and true brands like Graco to keep my baby safe and happy. 

14 Week Old Baby

From my oldest’s very first bed, a Graco Pack ‘n Play, to her current booster seat, Graco has been part of every stage. With a new baby in our house, I am thrilled to be part of the Generation Graco Panel. As part of the panel I will get to check out some of the latest and greatest from Graco including a car seat, a baby swing and a high chair.

For more than 60 years moms have relied on Graco products for their babies. From the invention of the Swyngomatic (don’t ya just love that name?!), the very first automatic baby swing, to the Pack ‘n Play, Graco has always been a leader in baby gear.

When I think back to what I knew about babies before I had one myself, I knew babies needed bottles, diapers and a Pack ‘N Play. So it is no surprise that we have always used a Graco Pack ‘n Play. In fact, we have two sizes, a traditional one from home and a Travel Lite Crib for travel. 

Baby Sleeping Pack N Play

(This is my middle daughter sleeping in her Graco Pack ‘N Play, five years ago.)

If you are in the market for baby gear, stay tuned. Up first, I will check out Graco’s newest baby swing. I know Graco swings have come a long way since the Swyngomatic, and I am sure they have even come a long way since the one we had nine years ago. 

Generation Graco Badge



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