New Year’s Eve Time Capsule Free Printable

Each new year brings the hope of things to come and the passage of time. As we look to the future, it is important to record the memories we never want to lose. This New Year’s Eve Time Capsule free printable will help you do just by keeping track of the details of what was most important to your kids this year.

New Year's Eve Time Capsule Free Printable

While pictures speak a thousand words, they don’t tell the whole story. Part of what is exciting about a new year is how much kids change in a single year – what they learn, what they like, how they write and think and, of course, how they look. In thinking about how to preserve those sweet changes, I came up with a New Year’s Eve Time Capsule printable for my daughters to fill out.

Now not only will you always be able to remember their favorite things, but you will also have a record of it in their handwriting – including their signature.

New Year’s Eve Time Capsule Free Printable

The New Year’s Eve Time Capsule captures three important parts of childhood — your child’s thoughts, a photo and their handwriting. Each changes so much in a year so taking this snapshot is a great way to look back and see how much your child has grown each year.

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Happy New Year!

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