Pumpkin Sun Catcher Kids Craft

Last week I found my first bag of candy corn for the season. In my mind, that means it is officially time to start fall crafts. So when Sissy asked to make a craft one morning last week, I decided it was the perfect time to make a Pumpkin Sun Catcher. 

Pumpkin Sun CatcherI have done this craft with Sissy before for other holidays/themes, and she loves making these. Not only is it no mess (score!), but it is a great craft for little ones to practice their scissors skills. Because it is covered in contact paper, it is also durable, which means you can put it away with your Halloween decorations and pull it back out year after year. 

Pumpkin Sun Catcher



Download the free pumpkin template from my pumpkin Halloween countdown and print the template directly onto orange construction paper. 

MOM TIP – Print an extra copy of the template on white paper and let your color it while you are cutting out the parts for the craft. 

After cutting the outside of the pumpkin outline, cut out the middle of the pumpkin approximately a 1/2 inch wide. This will create the border for your pumpkin sun catcher.

Cut out pumpkin face parts and aside. 

Pumpkin Template Parts

Cut a piece of contact paper large enough to cover your pumpkin outline. Peel the backing and place the outline on the contact paper. Set aside.

Give your child the pumpkin face parts and have them place the face pieces printed/black side down. 

Cut strips of tissue paper approximately an inch wide and show your child how to cut square(ish) pieces off the strips. 

Preschool Cutting Practice

Let your child stick tissue paper squares all over the contact paper. 

Kids Pumpkin Sun Catcher

When the pumpkin is full, cover the entire thing with another piece of contact paper. Cut the contact paper around the edge of the pumpkin shape, don’t cut too close or you will “break the seal.” 

Hang in a window with clear tape or punch a hole in the top and hang with a string. 

Kids Craft Pumpkin Sun Catcher

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