Halloween Ghost Craft

Boo! Last week I asked Sissy what she wanted to do on her day with mommy. She replied, “Play a game, make a project and play with my dollies.” A list I was happy to oblige. I dreamed up a pumpkin craft I thought would be perfect, but when it game time to make said pumpkin she told me, “No, I want to make a ghost.” So with a last-minute change of plans our pumpkin craft was turned into a super cute Halloween Ghost Craft.

Halloween Ghost Craft
And you know what. I think I love the ghost even more than my pumpkin idea!

This craft is so easy it could easily be done with toddlers, so I almost called it a toddler ghost craft. But then, sniff sniff, I remembered my almost four year old isn’t a toddler any more! So it is just a kids ghost craft (that toddlers can do too).

For the preschool group, one of the great things about this craft is that it is a great way to practice those cutting skills. (A skill Sissy needs lots of practice with!)

Learning To Cut
(Why yes, temporary tattoos are Sissy’s favorite accessory!)


  • White paper (I used construction paper)
  • Contact paper
  • White tissue paper (I used white sparkle paper because I had it)
  • Black construction paper


Draw a simple ghost shape on a piece of white paper, let your shape take up most of the paper. Then mimic that shape about an inch inside the larger shape. Cut out the large outline, and then cut out the center.

Kids Craft Ghost
Cut tissue paper into 1.5 – 2 inch strips, and then show your little one how to cut off pieces approximately 2 inches long. Once I showed Sissy how to cut, I let her go with it. So some pieces were a half inch, some where 3. Whatever works.

Cut circles out of black construction paper. You can hand cut the circles, but I used my Fiskars medium circle punch and my large circle punch.

Place the ghost frame on a piece of contact paper, sticky side up.

Let your little crafter fill the frame with pieces of tissue paper. Placing the black circles on top to form a face.

Ghost Craft
Cover the entire ghost with another piece of contact paper (sticky side to sticky side). Cut out the ghost shape, leaving a little margin around the edge to keep the contact paper stuck together.

Hang in the window. Happy Halloween.

Halloween Ghost Craft

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Ghost Craft”

  1. Good morning, I was wondering what the name of the scissors little Sissy is using? I have a 3-1/2 year old just beginning to use scissors and I’ve failed miserably picking out a good set for him. Thank you so much for your help! I’ll be pinning this for sure … Happy Nearing Halloween

    • Hi Kristine – The scissors are blunt tipped Fiskars scissors for kids. Both of my daughters learned to cut with these scissors. You can find them on Amazon, but they are typically cheaper at Staples/Office Depot or even Target. It does take lots of practice to master this skill, but he will get there. Good luck and have fun with the craft.


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