Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party Ideas

My little space explorer knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate her 4th birthday – with a Miles from Tomorrowland Birthday Party. So I set out on a mission to create an out-of-this-world party featuring Miles, Merk and the whole Calisto family.

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party

Inside our very own Stellasphere, the space-themed birthday party had plenty of color by focusing on colors from Disney Junior’s Miles from Tomorrowland – orange, green and blue. I also used the show’s signature hexagon as a recurring shape throughout the party. 

Having changed my mind about a dozen times, I absolutely love the way the space background turned out. I used sparkly black felt to cover my background creating a sparkly space and then hung bright planets cut from colorful and sparkly cardstock paper.

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party Girl
My Cricut got a workout for this party, I used it to cut out the silver stars, all of the banners and the door decorations.  (FYI all of my cardstock paper came from Michael’s for this party.) 

Miles From Tomorrowland Food Ideas

Sissy has always had a mind of her own, and her birthday “cake” was no different. I spent weeks researching the perfect space cake, because that’s what she said she wanted. When I finally settled on exactly what to order out of the blue she announced that she wanted a “donut cake.”

A what? A donut cake!

Homemade Donut Cake
I had never heard of one or seen one, and to the best of my knowledge neither had she. But that’s what she wanted — a stack of donuts, chocolate icing and sprinkles. So I ditched my expensive, elaborate cake and bought two dozen glazed Dunkin Donuts. I made my own chocolate ganache icing, dipped sprinkled and stacked the donuts. She was delighted! 

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Cake
In addition to the donut cake, I might have gone overboard with sweets, but I had so many cute ideas! So I apologized to the parents and loaded them up with sugar. HA! 

Miles From Tomrorowland birthday party themed desserts included:

  • Blodger – green jello jigglers with candy eyes
  • TTA Admirals – green candy-coated marshmallows with green coconut hair (and mustache) and candy eyes, stuck together in pairs
  • Booster Bites – galaxy swirled candy bark
  • Alien Cookies – soft and chewy cookies with crazy candy eyes
  • Meteoritesblue rock candy (I sent these home with the kids)

Miles From Tomorrowland Blodger Jello
Miles From Tomorrowland TTA Admirals
Miles From Tomorrowland Booster Bites
Miles From Tomorrowland Alien Cookies
For lunch I served Moon Rocks (popcorn chicken), Galactic Goldfish (Space Goldfish) and Fruit Rockets. 

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party Decorations

In keeping with the space theme, I turned bright paper lanterns into planets for the table centerpiece. I wrapped one in star garland, created a shiny ring for another and left the third plain. And placed the only Miles From Tomorrowland toys (from Target) we had prior to the party on the table. 

Miles From Tomorrowland Party Decorations
I had elaborate plans for the front door, but after everything else I ran out of time. So at the last minute I used my Cricut to create the hexagon shapes and a giant number four. It was simpler than I planned, but I really liked the way it came out. The hexagon is from The First Few Years and the font is Jumbo from Lyrical Letters. And total time, under 10 minutes – score! (Don’t mind my reflection in our glass door.)

Miles From Tomorrowland Door Decoration

Miles From Tomorrowland Party Activities

Although the little ones are happy just playing, I did organize three simple activities for the Miles From Tomorrowland birthday party that were a hit. We played Land the Rocket on the Planet (a space-themed version of pin the tale). The game was very easy to make and the kids must have played a dozen times, over and over! 

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party Game
I love an excuse to take a picture of all of the partygoers so I was excited to find printable Miles From Tomorrowland space helmets. The kids had fun putting on their helmets and posing for a mini photobooth.

Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party Photobooth
I also laid out crayons and Miles From Tomorrowland coloring pages.

Miles From Tomorrowland Coloring Page
Miles From Tomorrowland Goodie Bags

Partygoers were greeted with their very own lazerangs – blue glow-in-the-dark bracelets – to wear throughout the party. I wasn’t sure how well they would glow in the middle of the day, but they were really cute. I picked up two packs of 8 blue bracelets at the dollar store. If you can’t find them locally, Amazon has some too.

Miles From Tomorrowland Lazerang
My daughter was “Tomorrowland over the moon” with the homemade Miles of Tomorrowland tattoos I created. And so was the rest of the space crew.

Miles from Tomorrowland Temporary Tattoo
I have fond memories of glow in the dark stars on my ceiling from when I was little, so I figured the pint-sized space explorers would enjoy creating their own constellations back home.

I bought a large pack of plastic glow-in-the-dark stars and divided them up for each guest. The stars I used included a tacky poster putty for hanging, so I used scissors to cut a strip of putty for each child. I saved the large stars for the birthday girl and then divided the smaller stars equally among the children. (I can’t remember how many each child received now, but there were plenty for 10 children in this pack. I filled each clear plastic bag with 20 or so.)

Miles From Tomorrowland Glow In The Dark Stars
Finally I created Galactic Goo for the kids to play with. The kids were so excited to take home their goo. Even the adults were intrigued by the fun goop. Galactic Goo recipe and free printable coming soon.

Miles From Tomorrowland Goodie Bags
My daughters Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party was a blastastic success! 

Miles From Tomorrowland Sign

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Miles From Tomorrowland Birthday Party Ideas
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