Fun Facts From The Agent Carter Set And Peggy Carter’s Red Hat

It isn’t every day you get to go on the set of one of your favorite TV shows, and it certainly isn’t every day that you get to try on the star’s most iconic accessory. But on that day, you do your best to take in everything, remember every detail and, of course, post for a photo with the Agent Carter Red Hat!

Agent Carter Red Hat
This season of Agent Carter finds Peggy in a new town, so the set is all new. Instead of working for a New York phone company, Peggy and the rest of the California-based SSR use a Hollywood talent agency as its cover. After interviewing Haley Atwell and James D’Arcy, we had a chance to explore the new set and new costumes for season 2.

Agent Carter Auerbach Theatrical Agency
The whole set has a lighter, brighter feel (with palm trees out the window) vs the darker New York Agent Carter set I visited last year. 

Agent Carter SSR California Office
Agent Carter California SSR Office
Oh and keep your eyes peeled for flamingos this season on Agent Carter such as this piece of art hanging just inside the talent agency’s door.

Agent Carter Flamingos
The set isn’t the only thing with a lighter feel. Moving across country also had a significant impact on the show’s wardrobe. With the exception of Jarvis, who sticks to his three-piece wool suits even in the California heat the entire cast got a California makeover. Lighter colors and cooler materials — still with the great 1940s authentic style.

Agent Carter LA Wardrobe
You will even see some Hawaiian print shirts on the men this season, adding to the California vibe.

Agent Carter Men's California Wardrobe
Agent Carter wardrobe fun facts:

  • Agent Carter costumes are sourced from vintage clothing and vintage cloth, and costumes made from 70-year-old cloth tear easily. 
  • There are usually multiples created of each outfit.
  • When clothing is destroyed the vintage buttons are often reused for new outfits.  
  • The team is always on the hunt for vintage shoes, but feet were smaller back then so replicas are often used. 
  • Each character has their own style and color palate. 

Agent Carter Women's California Wardrobe
Despite the climate change, Peggy Carter looks as glamorous as ever. I loved visiting the Agent Carter set and can’t wait to see what this season holds for Agent Carter.

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(Tip, the first two episodes of the Agent Carter season 2 aired last week. If you missed them, catch up on Hulu or watch on 

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