Free Shopkins Valentines Printable Cards

Shopkins… once you shop, you can’t stop! If your daughter is as crazy for Shopkins as mine, she is going to love these Free Shopkins Valentines printables. I am so excited about how these came out, and my daughter can’t wait to hand them out as classroom Valentines. I have a sneaky suspicion, I may have to send extras so they can trade cards!

Free Shopkins Valentines

Free Shopkins Valentines

This free Shopkins Valentines printable includes:

  • Soda Pops (Ultra Rare, Season 1)
  • Lippy Lips (Rare, Season 1)
  • Pineapple Crush (Common, Season 1)
  • Freezy Peazy (Special Edition, Season 1)

To make this Valentine extra sweet, you could always pair it with your child’s favorite candy by just taping it to the back.

Since kids end up with so much candy on Valentine’s Day, I like to send my daughter with non-candy Valentines for her class. Of course pairing the Shopkins Valentines with an actual Shopkins would have the kids going nuts, but with 18 kids in her class — it is outside of my budget.

So I am pairing the Shopkins Valentines with Shopkins stickers! 

Free Shopkins Valentines Printable
I purchase the Shopkins Sticker Kit (100 stickers for $5.47 shipped from Amazon). I will use one sheet (20 stickers) for the Valentines, and then I plan to give my daughter the rest of the Shopkins Sticker Kit as a Valentine’s Day gift from mom and dad. Two birds, one stone!

I just cut the stickers apart, and tapped them to the back of the Shopkins Valentines with some heart washi tape.

Shopkins Valentines Stickers
Easy peasy and I know the kids are going to LOVE them!

The Shopkins Doodling Fun Pencils, Activity Book and Erasers would also be a cute set to pair with the Shopkins Valentines. The set comes with 20 Shopkins Erasers, 20 pencils and a Shopkins activity book. If you want a lot of stickers, you can also get 1,200 Shopkins stickers for less tan $10 from Amazon.

Download the free Shopkins Valentines here

Click the link above. When the image opens in another window, save it to your computer and print as many as you need.

The printables are free for personal use, please do not try to sell these. Also when linking or pinning, please pin to this post not just the image. Thanks! 

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  1. These card are so cute! The are different from how I have imagined cards for Valentine’s Day would look like. However I think that I like them even more like this:)

    • Hi Tiffany, I just double checked, and everything seems to be working fine with the download. When you click the link to download, another tab will open with the file. Dropbox may ask if you want to set up an account, just click no. Then download the file to your computer and print. Enjoy!


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