What Makes Florida Hospital For Women Different?

There is something new in women’s health coming to Orlando, Florida Hospital for Women. A brand new, 12-story hospital dedicated to the care of women at all stages of life. Dubbed Her Hospital, the new hospital will include a women’s cardiac program, mammogram screenings, a high-risk breast cancer program, women’s education classes, luxurious labor and delivery rooms and so much more. 

Florida Hospital for Women Opening
I have been working with Florida Hospital over a couple of years to share health tips for women. Wanting to learn more about Her Hospital I talked to Julia Riola, Florida Hospital marketing manager, about what the new hospital offers. I previously shared a sneak peek at the delivery rooms inside the Florida Hospital for Women, and after learning more about the scope of things offered by the new facility I can’t wait for the grand opening celebration January 21, 2016. (More information about how you can attend below.) 

Florida Hospital For Women Offers Whole-Women Health Services

What really sets Her Hospital apart from other hospitals is the focus on comprehensive women’s health. Health protocols have long been focused on the treatment of men, but the differences between men and women’s health is vast. The approach for whole-women’s health offers Her Hospital practitioners the ability to screen and treat differently. For example, did you know that women can present symptoms of heart problems with a toothache? 

Florida Hospital for Women Lobby
At Her Hospital, women can find educational classes and services geared toward their specific needs. One of the most exciting additions to Florida Hospital For Women is the opening of a postpartum day hospital later this year. Councilors will be available to women seeking care for postpartum depression including therapist sessions and support groups. And part of that support will include childcare so mom can focus on getting better and not worrying about who will care for her child while she seeks help. 

Additional postpartum services available at Her Hospital include education classes, a lactation center and a milk bank.

Inside the labor and delivery wing, Florida Hospital for Women will include a laborist program, which means there will be doctors on hand 24/7 in addition to private doctors to assist with deliveries. This means that if a doctor is caring for multiple patients at the same time, staff doctors will always be on hand to assist.

The Baby Place Florida Hospital 
Her Hospital whole-women services will include screening, treatment and long-term care for cardiac and breast-cancer patients. 


Florida Hospital for Women Grand Opening Celebration

The new Florida Hospital for Women officially opens January 21, 2016, and you are invited to be part of the celebration. The grand opening will take place from 5:30-8:30 pm featuring live music, entertainment and a special performance by Sisaundra Lewis of The Voice.

In addition to touring the new facilities and meeting some of the area’s leading physicians and elite care-teams, the family-friendly event will include hot air balloon rides, live watercolor artistry, gourmet desserts and seasonal refreshments and other family-fun activities.

During the event Florida Hospital for Women will also be giving away special commemorative gifts and prizes including a spa package, weekend getaway, designer purse and more.

Florida Hospital for women invites you to register to attend the grand opening January 21, 2016, from 5:30-8:30 pm. Register now to attend.

Florida Hospital for Women

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