Inside The Florida Hospital For Women Delivery Rooms

Expecting moms in Central Florida will soon have a brand new, state-of-the-art hospital to deliver their babies. In late 2015, Orlando will welcome the expansion of the Florida Hospital for Women, a 12-story, 332-bed tower that will feature some of the area’s most advanced technology to deliver unique woman-centric health care in a hotel-like setting.

Florida Hospital for Women

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Florida Hospital For Women

Florida Hospital for Women will treat women at every stage of life, and in partnership with Florida Hospital I will share more about the other features of this new wing in the coming months. But for today, I get to tell you about the amazing Florida Hospital For Women labor and delivery suites and recovery rooms.

Although the new building is still a construction zone, I had the opportunity to visit the mock rooms set up for touring. And oh, my these rooms are amazing. Best of all, the rooms are HUGE. Forget what you know about hospitals, I am not kidding when I say that it looks more like a hotel than a hospital. Just look at the hallways – no sterile white, everything about this place is calming and inviting.

Florida Hospital for Women Hall
Located in Orlando, Florida Hospital for Women will include 14 labor and delivery suites; 72 beds for postpartum care, mother-baby and high‐risk obstetrics; 81 beds for level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and 13 operating rooms for obstetrics and women’s services.

What is truly impressive about the rooms is the upscale feel. Beautifully tiled bathrooms, adjustable lighting, a comfortable place for guests to relax, plush blankets, high-thread count sheets and more are standard features in the new building. Every detail at Florida Hospital For Women has been considered for both patient comfort and doctor care. 

Florida Hospital for Women Delivery Room
As I toured the Florida Hospital For Women delivery room I was fascinated to learn some of the special considerations that were taken in designing the room. For example, in the labor and delivery room you can see that the area where the baby is cared for immediately after birth is directly in the line of sight of the delivery bed. The positioning was purposeful because Florida Hospital knows that moms want to see everything happening with their new baby. Thinking back to my own deliveries, I remember wondering what was happening with my babies as they were rushed just around the corner to be cared for. How wonderful to be able to keep your baby in your line of sight. 

What you don’t see in the picture is a lot of medical equipment. But is all there. Some of it is housed around the bed in the cabinetry and other machines are tucked neatly away in cabinets and a closet across from the bed. Hidden storage gives the room a much more inviting feel, but all of the necessary equipment is available at a moment’s notice if and when it is needed. 

When was the last time you said, “Wow” about a hospital bathroom? I am guessing you haven’t because I hadn’t until I saw this one. Look at the tile work! The Florida Hospital For Women labor and delivery bathrooms offer either a large shower or a large tub both available to help soothe laboring moms. 

Florida Hospital for Women Delivery Tub
After delivery mom, baby and visiting family can get comfortable in one of the recovery rooms. With a similar tranquil feel, the recovery rooms offer more hidden storage, a unique place for guests to relax and luxurious sheets. Yes, upgraded sheets and blankets are standard at Florida Hospital For Women, nice right?

Florida Hospital for Women Recovery Room
Remember the attention to detail I mentioned? The bathroom door in the recovery room swings both directions. Why? For patient ease and because a nurse never wants to swing a door inward toward a patient needing assistance. Across from the bed, there is hidden seating built into the cabinetry for visiting guests. 

And check this thing out.

Florida Hospital for Women Guest Space
Both the recover and labor and delivery suites feature this unique seating for dads and other visitors. During the day it doubles as seating and a place to eat (with pop-out footrests). And at night the table folds down and it becomes a bed. A great, and comfortable, space saver.

When Florida Hospital For Women opens in late 2015 it will be the upscale hospital for women in Central Florida with all of the comforts and amenities an expectant mother could ask for.

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  1. Broward General Medical Center has a beautiful maternity unit!! Bed for Dad and modern decor, all the emenities you could want. Level 3 NICU is fanatastic! The NICU staff and neonatologists are truly awesome. So nice to see moms being treated so well at hospitals these days. Lactation help from day one in hospitals too. 🙂


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