2 Resources Every New Central Florida Mom Should Know About

This information is brought to you by the Winter Park Memorial Hospital, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

As a breastfeeding mom of two, I feel like I am part of a card-carrying club of moms who make it through the many challenges of breastfeeding to successfully feed their newborn babes for as long as they can. Some make it a few weeks, some several months and a rare breed makes it past their wee one’s first birthday.

Please know first and foremost, I do not judge those who use formula. Nor do I find my story to be all that unusual. I didn’t start with a goal to nurse for this long. In fact, those who asked have always been told I would nurse for as long as it made sense. Early on with both girls, I believed that period that it “made sense” would be short-lived, especially after a second round of double mastitis with each child.

Ultimately, I nursed my first for 13 months and my second for 20 months. I made it as long as I did because for me – it was easy. (A scary statement considering how unimaginably hard it was a first.) For me, the milk was always there. For me, I was healthy. For me, my babies were healthy. For me it worked.

But not everyone has that blessing (which it truly is). While formula is an amazing and viable option for most, there are those who dream of giving their baby breast milk – by any means necessary.

The idea of a wet nurse is as old as, well, child bearing. So while the practice of having ones old wet nurse is no longer customary, those who turn up their noses at moms providing breast milk for children not their own are short-sided.

My milk was always in plentiful supply – abundantly so, which is why I became so ill each time. In the beginning keeping up with the challenge of nursing and pumping off excess (to relieve myself) was exhausting. (No matter how much I love breast feeding, pumping I do not.) But I did so, day after day, night after night, filling my freezer with baggies of frozen milk. It was not uncommon for me to have a supply of 20-30 bags of milk in the freezer at a time.

Frozen Breast Milk

If the option to donate my excess milk supply to another mother for her sweet baby had been available to me, I would have done so in a heartbeat. No hesitation. While most of my milk was eventually consumed by my own daughter, through an elaborate process of oldest milk first and mixing milk with just about everything (rice, peas, etc.) as she began solids, there were bags that missed their “good by date.”

While I have never cried over a glass of spilled cow’s milk, I have wept over spilt and spoiled breast milk. Liquid gold — carefully pumped in a tiring process and lovingly stored. (I cringe even now over prior losses.)

All that back story leads me to one of the most important recent announcements in Central Florida’s caring for babies – the opening of the first Milk Bank in our area. I applauded the men and women at Florida Hospital who championed for this resource to come to our town, and I’d gladly shout my support for this serve from the rooftops. “Hip-hip hurray for Florida Hospital’s Milk Bank!!!”

Florida Hospital Milk Depot

Mother’s Milk Depot At Florida Hospital Is Central Florida’s First Milk Bank

Mother’s who are interested in donating excess milk are put through a rigorous health screening process in order to protect the health and wellbeing of the receiving baby. Once mom passes inspection, milk is collected, stored and shipped in a carefully designed process. At the main facility, the milk is pasteurized and screened again before finally being consumed by the waiting baby.

Just as the strict as the process to donate milk is, the process to receive milk is also considered carefully. Donor human milk (DHM) is dispensed by prescription only. The highest-priority recipients are premature and hospitalized infants. Common reasons for prescribing donor milk include preterm birth, failure to thrive, malabsorption syndromes, allergies, Feeding/formula intolerance, immunologic deficiencies, post-operative nutrition and infectious diseases. Typically babies receiving donor milk are preterm, and it has proven to be a lifesaver.

4 Steps To Become A Milk Donor At Florida Hospital

  1. Call 303-869-1888 to answer a 10-minute prescreening questionnaire.
  2. Complete and return the donor information packet.
  3. Schedule and take a cost-free blood screen to make sure your milk is safe for critically ill babies. 
  4. Bring your frozen milk to the Milk Deport at Florida Hospital.

There is a great deal of information available about Central Florida’s Milk Depot at Florida Hospital – both how you can get involved in donating milk and how babies in need can become eligible recipients available on the Milk Bank of Florida website. You can also call Central Florida’s Milk bank directly at 407-303-2599. 

Mother's Milk Depot At Florida Hospital

Breastfeeding Support & Care Is Available At The Baby Place at Winter Park Memorial Hospital

In addition to providing an outlet for moms who are about to donate breast milk at the Florida hospital, The Baby Place Academy (a service of The Baby Place at Winter Park Memorial Hospital) also provides breast-feeding support and care for those struggling to breastfeed. These classes, led by hospital experts are available to all mothers regardless of where their baby is delivered.(Although, I will give you 4 Reasons You Want To Have Your Baby At Winter Park Memorial Hospital!)

The traditional lineup of prenatal classes offered through the hospital also include prenatal yoga, a breastfeeding class, a baby bunch support group and more.

The Baby Bunch Support Group was created especially for the new mom and her baby. The first year of life with a new baby can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming, which is why we developed this resource to provide support and information to help women adjust to their roles as new moms. Guest speakers will lead a different topic discussion each week. Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mom are welcome to attend. Lactation consultants are available for those who are breastfeeding.

New moms can get even more breastfeeding support through the Getting Off to a Good Start: Breastfeeding Class

Both mommy and baby benefit greatly from breastfeeding, especially because of the intimate bond it helps to create between parent and child. Though for new moms, the experience can be physically and emotionally challenging without the right support or preparation. We want to ensure that mother and babies get off to the most successful start possible. Our prenatal program will help you prepare for when baby arrives and the needs and challenges that may arise during the course of breastfeeding your child.

With a general sense of exhaustion and uncertainty, getting involved in a group with other moms who are experiencing many of your same frustrations and anxieties can be the most worthwhile gift a mom can give herself. The moms I befriended when my first-born came into our world provided me a sounding board, advice, a shoulder to lean on and most of all a listening ear. I don’t know what I would have done without them, and I encourage everyone to find their group.

Moms can learn more about and register for The Baby Place Academy classes offered online. If you think you need some additional support of any kind, you owe it to yourself and your baby to check out the classes offered to see if it is right for you.

There are a million things to learn when you bring a baby into the world, and no child comes with an instruction manual. But arming yourself with the best information you can get and a support group to lean on can be better than any manual could ever be.


Another resource all pregnant moms know about is Destination Maternity, because let’s face it pregnancy means a whole new wardrobe. To further help moms to be, The Baby Place Academy and Destination Maternity have  partnered to offer several prenatal classes, including yoga, at the Millenia Crossing location. 

From everyday wear to nursing apparel and a little something special for date night, Destination Maternity has the looks you need to accommodate that growing belly while making you look fab.

Destination Maternity Logo

To help spread the word about The Baby Place Academy and the Mother’s Milk Depot, one lucky winner will receive a $150 Destination Maternity Gift Card. 

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    Both mommy and baby benefit greatly from breastfeeding, especially because of the intimate bond it helps to create between parent and…

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