EOS Lip Balm Reindeer Christmas Card Printable

Raise your hand if you are scrambling for last-minute gifts. I have an easy gift that is sure to please tweens, teens and even grown women. It’s an EOS Lip Balm Reindeer Christmas Card. And I know it will be a crowd please because over the last few weeks I have given these as teacher gifts, gifts for my daughters friends and more. Everyone can use a new lip balm, and the reindeer is just so cute! 

EOS Christmas Gift
I made this card before Thanksgiving, and I have been meaning to post it ever since. But some how December has disappeared before my eyes once again. Sigh. But this is such an easy gift, I hope it fills in some of those last-minute holes in your shopping list. 

EOS Lip Balm Reindeer Christmas Card Printable

For Rudolf’s shinny red nose, I used an EOS lip balm in “Summer Fruit.” Knowing that I would be gifting a lot of these this year, I bought my EOS in bulk on Amazon, but you can also buy EOS at Target, Walmart, CVS — you can find them all over. 

Pomegranate Raspberry” would also work well for Rudolph’s nose.  

The Reindeer Christmas Cards will print four to a page, and I recommend printing on a nice cardstock paper so the cars will hold their weight with the EOS. To download the printable, click the link below. When the image opens in another window, right click on the image to save it to your computer. Then you can print as many copies as you need.

Download the printable here. 

EOS Christmas Card
You can use an Xacto blade to cut out the circles, but I usually just use a pair of scissors to poke a whole through the middle and then cut out the circle. 

After cutting out the circle, carefully remove the EOS lid, slip it through the whole and replace the lid. 

A small gift or stocking stuffer for anyone on your list. 

Printable Christmas Gift
I made a quick little video to show you how cute and easy these EOS Christmas cards are to make.


7 thoughts on “EOS Lip Balm Reindeer Christmas Card Printable”

  1. where is the download at?Don’t seem to see it. See video but no shortcut to download. Can you email to me if I’m just missing it. thanks so much

  2. Thanks so much. I do have another question. Why does it cut off the very bottom From you when you print it out? Am I doing something worn g there too?

  3. Hi thanks for sharing these. So cute. I was thinking about having them printed at my local walgreens. What size are these? Could I have the sheet of 4 printed on an 8X10? I’m not good at judging the size of things. Thanks!

    • The printable is set up to print 4 on a page. However, it is set for an 8.5 x 11 paper. I recommend you have them printed on a laser printer on 8.5 x 11 paper vs 8×10 copy paper. (This will ensure the whole for the EOS is the correct size.) I typically send my prints to FedEx. But Staples, Office Depot… somewhere like that would work. (The copy will cost less too!!!)


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