LOVE Card Valentines

EOS Lip Balm Love Card Printable

I know what you are thinking, wasn’t Valentine’s Day two days ago? Why yes, yes it was. But I made this special EOS Valentine’s Day card for my daughters weeks ago. I even photographed it and wrote 80% of this post more than a week ago. But things came up, …

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EOS Christmas Gift

EOS Lip Balm Reindeer Christmas Card Printable

Raise your hand if you are scrambling for last-minute gifts. I have an easy gift that is sure to please tweens, teens and even grown women. It’s an EOS Lip Balm Reindeer Christmas Card. And I know it will be a crowd please because over the last few weeks I have …

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EOS Lip Balm Teacher Gift

An Apple For The Teacher – EOS Teacher Gift

It’s time once again for the kids to go back to school. Last spring I make “Thanks For Helping Me Bloom” EOS Lip Balm Teacher Appreciation Gift Printable. The simple gift was such a hit with all of my daughters’ teachers that I decided to make a back-to-school version. Since nothing is more …

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