Dog Treat Christmas Gifts For Dogs ~ Free Printable

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Do you give your dog a Christmas present? We do. Our dogs have their own stockings, and they even exchange gifts with my sister and mom’s dogs too. Yep, we are a dog-loving family, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Since my dogs are no longer puppies and not really interested in toys, my go-to gifts are dog treat christmas gifts for dogs. Because no dog can resist a tail-wagging good treat. 

Dog Treat Christmas Gifts For Dogs
And all dogs deserve a treat or two! So let’s Treat the Pups

This year we will have a brand new family member to give treats to. My cousin will bring home a puppy just a few weeks before Christmas, which will bring our extended dog family up to seven. (Mom’s house will be very busy on Christmas!) We can’t wait to meet the new pup and welcome her to the family with Christmas dog treats. 

Milk Bone
Because I have enough Christmas gifts to wrap this time of year, I am all about simple. But I am also a sucker for a cute gift, so a plain plastic bag is not enough! To make gift giving easy, times seven, I made a cute Christmas bag topper for the dog treats. Now I can treat all of the dogs to their favorite treats in a cute and easy gift bag. 

Christmas Gifts For Dogs
Download the Dog Treat Christmas Gift Tag here. 

Each print out will give you two bag toppers. Tip – print the Christmas bag topper on card stock so it holds its shape. 

Fill plastic baggies with your dog’s favorite treats. My dogs like Milk-Bone Minis and Pup-Peroni, so I made a mix of both. 

By the way, our dog clan ranges from 5-12 pounds. If your dogs are bigger, you might want bigger bones and bigger baggies. But this is the perfect size for our little dogs. 

Christmas Dog Gift Tags
Seal the baggies, fold the bag topper over the top of the bag and secure with staples to the top of the bag. 

If only gift giving was as easy for human kids as it is for fur babies!

For even more ideas to inspire your gift giving for your pooch, click the image below for more fantastic ideas to treat the pups. 

Treat The Pups

DIY Dog Ornament Christmas Gift

For another quick Christmas gift for dogs, check out my DIY Dog Ornament Christmas Gift.

DIY Dog Ornament

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  1. Oh, how cute are these! We get our pups presents and they have stockings too (kind of bummed that Petsmart won’t be giving out Stockings this black Friday… we need one more, we adopted our foster this weekend)! We also exchange with litter mates of one of our dogs… this would be perfect for them!

    • Sorry about that, something happened to the download link. I am glad you were able to get the ones from Walmart’s site. I have corrected the issue now, so if you still want these, the link is working again. Either way, thanks for letting me know so I could fix the problem!


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