Create A Cozy Fall Space With Pillows From BHG

Recently, we gave our house a whole new look with a by changing the wall color throughout our home. What a difference a fresh coat of paint can make. What was once dark green is now light, bright and airy grey, and I am in love.

Before I go on, I feel that I must defend my original choice of the dark green that I came to basically hate. When we moved in, the house had boring beige builder’s paint. It took us years to finally get around to painting it, and when I did I wanted color. I looked grey back then, but I was so focused on change I looked too dark and didn’t like it. So the walls became dark green. I welcomed the change, and loved it for about a year. Then slowly over the next 5 years, I came to hate it.

But it is gone, and fresh light has been breathed into my home. Ahhh…

This is my hallway table decorated for fall from last year – note the dark green walls. (You can see more green here, here and here.) 

Owl Pumpkin Fall Decorating Ideas
This is my fall display this year (on my new buffet) with my light and bright grey walls. Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray in case you are wondering.

Halloween Table
I love it.

Of course now I face a new problem. Fresh paint seems to emphasize how old and sad-looking our couch has become. (The poor cushions have lost their shape!) And when I move the area rug for painting, I realized how stained the backside is (ick!). What was just new paint has turned into a desire for a new couch, new rug and new curtains. Looks like the makeover isn’t done yet. Isn’t that always the way! 

While I build up my budget for the big items, I gave our space an inexpensive fall refresh with new pillows and accessories from Better Homes and Gardens for Walmart.

Better Homes and Gardens Pillows
A few brightly colored pillows gave our couch a breath of fresh air and hides the sagging couch cushions. Not to mention make our couch look extra comfy for fall because who don’t want to cozy up with a nice pillow.

If you aren’t familiar with pillows made by Better Homes and Gardens for Walmart, I am telling you — go check them out. Most stores carry a few, but the online selection is huge! Tons of colors and styles, and they aren’t old-dated styles either. Current trends like chevron, gold foil and even pom poms.

Fall Pillows
Not only are the pillows cute, they are affordable too ranging from $11-15 each! 

Actually the hardest part is deciding which ones to get. My absolute favorite pillow is this gold foil heart. I love it. I paired it with the gold foil print blanket for a little corner of bling just for mom. Picture me snuggled up in this very spot with my laptop because this is my spot.

Gold Heart Pillow
And I have to mention the tray on the coffee table because it is awesome. I have always had a tray on this table, but it had high, solid walls. Because the walls were so high, small items got lost. I found myself building taller displays, that inevitably were knocked over by my kids who climb all over the coffee table.

This tray is perfect for display. Filled with small pumpkins and pinecones you can see everything and there is nothing to tip over. 

There’s one more fall detail that you can’t see in my pictures. You can’t smell your screen, but those aren’t just pinecones. They are Better Homes and Gardens for Walmart pinecones — they are scented with cinnamon. So my whole house smells like cinnamon. The perfect fall flavor.

Fall Decorations
And that is how you bring a touch of fall to your decor with a few inexpensive pillows and a simple coffee table display. 

Here are the Better Homes and Gardens for Walmart items included in this post:

Note – the image shown for the Turkish Medallion Throw is not the throw I have, but when I scanned the bar code that is the item that came up. I think the image is incorrect because the title and barcode match. But I bought mine in store, so I am not 100% sure. 

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