5 Things Parents Need To Know About Playmation

In August I got a first look at Playmation, and as soon as I saw it in action I knew my girls would be totally into it. So I was excited to receive an advance copy to review with my family. Playmation is unlike anything you have seen before, and it is so much fun!

After seeing my daughters interact with Playmation, I am even more sure that this is going to be one of the top gifts this Christmas. After seeing commercials and hearing about the new toy, kids already know they want it. After playing with it for a few days with my kids, here is what parents need to know about Playmation.

5 Things Parents Need To Know About Playmation

5 Things Parents Need To Know About Playmation

Fun For the Whole Family

The most important thing parents need to know is, “Will my kids really like it?” The answer is absolutely yes. In fact, you are going to like playing it too! This completely interactive game is fun for the whole family. Straight out of the box we all took turns playing with it, and the kids had a lot of giggles over watching dad play. 

Playmation In Action
What’s included?

The Playmation starter kit ($119) includes everything you need to play: Repulsor Gear with 25 missions (worn on arm), two power activators (bases), Captain America Smart Figure and Iron Skull Smart Figure. With the starter pack you can listen to the commands of Jarvis (from the Repulsor Gear) and Captain America (from the Smart Figure) and move through each mission, leveling up and earning new abilities. 

Note – You will need 12 AA batteries: four for the Repulsor Gear and four for each base.

Playmation Starter Kit
Once kids master the first 25 missions, they will likely be ready to add additional Smart Figures that come with more missions. Each Smart Figure retails for $14.99 (currently on sale via Amazon for $11.99). My girls haven’t even finished the first missions, but they already want Black Widow

Playmation can be played individually or it can be linked for team play. For siblings who want their own Repulsor Gear, you can buy just the Repulsor Gear (which looks slightly different). Each Repulsor remembers its player’s starts, level and earned skills, which is perfect for family play. (Available November 20.)

Playmation Captain America
Download the Playmation App

Players can track their progress with the free Playmation App. See what skills have been earned and learn more about the missions. The only problem with the Playmation App is that it is not compatible with our family iPad (an iPad 2 – works with gen 3 and higher). So we haven’t explored the app yet. I will likely put it on my iPhone soon and let the girls play with it there. (Coming soon to Android.)

The instructions that come into the Playmation starter kit are very basic and don’t include a lot of detail. I hope the app provides more information for families to get started playing.

Get Ready To Move It

What’s really awesome about Playmation is that it combines virtual reality and a wearable device with physical play. You cannot progress through the missions by just sitting there and pressing buttons. Kids must get up and play to activate the game (Captain America and Javris say so!). I loved watching my kids hide behind the couch and jump and dive and play. 

Playing Playmation
No Volume Control

My one complaint about Playmation is that it is loud, very loud. And it has no volume control. In fact Jarvis (whose voice comes from the Repulsor Gear) is so loud that during play that it is sometimes hard to hear Captain America as he shouts commands from the power activator. It’s not too bad when you are playing as a family, but for individual play it is defiantly not quite.

The good news is that because Playmation does not require Wifi, you can take it outside. So go on, send the kids outside with their gear and let them run, jump and play. Just don’t let them forget it outside. 

Playmation Iron Skull
Playmation is a really cool piece of virtual reality technology for kids. It is fun and it gets kids moving. 

The Avengers Iron Man starter kit is now available. An Avengers Hulk starter kit, with Hulk hands and a Loki Smart Figure, is available for pre-order and will be available November 20. Looking ahead Playmation has plans to release a Star Wars themed Playmation set in 2016 and a Frozen Playmation in 2017. (My young Jedi has already added the Star Wars Playmation to her 2016 Christmas wish list.) 


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