5 Ways To Spoil Your Dog

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It doesn’t take long for a dog to become a special member of a family. Like any new child, dogs instantly become a member of the family and it is natural for us pet owners to want to spoil our favorite companions.

How To Spoil Your Dog

5 Ways To Spoil Your Dog

Linger On Your Daily Walk – For most dogs, necessary walks just aren’t long enough. Sure, they get the job done, but wouldn’t your pooch like to spend an extra 5, 10, 15 minutes of one-on-one time with you enjoying nature? Next time you want to treat you pal, linger a little longer on your walk. The extra fresh air will do you both some good and you will get bonus time with your dog.

Routine Belly Rubs – Nothing beats a good belly rub, except maybe a back scratch. Make it part of your daily routine to spend a few minutes focused only on giving your pet a good rub down. Once it becomes part of the routine, your pet will beg for their daily scratch. For example, each morning while I am getting ready my dogs come for a visit. They scratch at my feet until I stop what I am doing and spend five minutes giving them a good scratch.

A Nice Place To Nap – Just because your dog is content to lay on the floor doesn’t mean she should have to. For most dogs one bed isn’t enough, they like to have several places to nap all over the house — so they can keep an eye on things, of course. In our house, the dogs have three beds plus the couch and several other choice places for a nap. Spoil your pup with several cozy beds of their own.

Yorkie Dog
Get Down And Play – For big dogs, it is easy to stand up to throw a ball and play, but with little dogs it is important to get down on their level to play. With dogs as small as mine, that means sitting on the floor for a little tug of war or game of catch. Just like people, give your dog some good eye contact so they know how much they matter.

Special Dinner Treat – Everyone enjoys a treat with dinner from time to time. Guess what, so do your dogs. I mean most of the time they eat the same meal every day, although dogs don’t seem to mind it’s not very exciting. No wonder they go nuts when they smell you cooking something delicious in the kitchen.

Instead of giving in and sharing table scraps with your four-legged friend, which isn’t healthy, give your dog a special treat with new Alpo Meal Helpers from Purina. Alpo Meal Helpers are a no-mess mealtime mixer – just mix in with your dog dry food. It’s perfect for an easy and quick dinner treat.

Alpo Meal Helpers
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Dogs Eating
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Now, go spend some quality time with your favorite pooch. And don’t forget to snap a picture for the contest.

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