10 Practical Baby Shower Gifts

Do not get me wrong, I adore all of those sweet baby gifts like baby clothes, blankets, decorations, baby shoes, etc. But as a mom of two I also very much appreciate practical gifts. With the first baby I was clueless as to what I needed, so practical gifts from experienced moms were a lifesaver. With baby number two I already had a closet full of clothes and toys, what I really needed was a refill on practical stuff. 

So whether it is for baby number one or 10, let’s hear it for practical gifts! 

Practical Baby Shower Gifts

10 Practical Baby Shower Gifts

Stain Remover – Babies make messes, lots of them. My favorite stain remover for baby messes is Oxi Clean Baby spray, and I love to give it to new moms to help save all of those cute baby clothes from stains. 

An extra mattress pad – My favorite baby tip is to always double or even triple sheet your baby’s bed: mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad, sheet. That allows for quick changes in the event of a mess. Stock mom up on extra mattress pads. 

Plastic plates, bowls, utensils – I recently visited a friend with a one year old and noticed that she owned one plate, one bowl and one spoon. She didn’t think to register for “older” stuff, and no one gave her any so she had no feeding supplies. (Guess what baby boy is getting for his birthday!)

Batteries – Oh my gosh, every baby toy and gizmo needs batteries. Ever. Single. Thing. And when the batteries baby’s swing die, you better have more on hand. Give mom a supply of batteries to replenish all of her baby shower gifts. 

Tummy relief – There is nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain. For babies with tummy troubles Gripe Water and Gas Drops are a life saver. In case baby has tummy trouble, make sure mom has what she needs to help baby feel better. 

Little Remedies Tummy Relief
Fever Relief – As a first-time mom, I didn’t think about keeping fever relief on hand until my baby spiked a fever in the middle of the night the first time. Hello 24-hour drug store. Save mom from the midnight run and buy Little Remedies fever relief. A thermometer is a nice touch too.

Sound Machine – Not everyone uses a sound machine, but for those of us who do — they are a lifesaver. Give mom a chance to see if it works for her baby by buying her one. 

Nursing supplies – If you know mom plans to nurse, stock her up on nursing supplies. Breast pads, Lanolin, breast milk storage bags, a cute nursing cover, etc. (If you know mom plans to formula feed, ask her the brand she plans to use and stock her up!)

Hangers – All of those cute baby clothes need something to hang on. Help get mom organized before the baby comes with hangers. I also like clothing dividers to help mom keep track of which clothes are what size. 

Diapers/Wipes – No one can argue that one of the most practical gifts is diapers and wipes. They are a must. If want to dress up your gift, you can always make a diaper cake filled with both practical and fun baby items.  

Disney Minnie Mouse Diaper Cake
Of course, sticking to a registry can also be helpful to mom, but not all moms know what to register for. So if you don’t see some of these items on mom’s wish list, consider gifting practicality — always with a gift receipt, of course.

Little Remedies 

Little Remedies believes that “less is more” and makes products with the fewest and most natural ingredients we can without sacrificing the product’s effectiveness. Little Remedies products do not contain any artificial flavors, artificial colors or alcohol and are created with the very specific needs of children in mind. Little Remedies — Everything they need. Nothing they don’t.

My oldest had a lot of trouble with gas and both Gripe Water and Gas Drops were my go-to relief for tummy troubles. Hopefully the new baby won’t need them, but in the event baby has a tummy ache mom should have these on hand. Here are more tips to soothe a baby’s tummy.


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