5 Tips To Soothe A Fussy Baby

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I spent the first six-eight months of my oldest daughter’s life covered in spit-up. I never knew how much a baby could spit up until she came along. That baby was a champion spitter. Along with the spitting, she had a sensitive tummy. I had to learn quickly how to soothe a fussy baby.

Tips to Soothe A Fussy Baby
I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do to comfort her during those first few months. And while there was nothing I could do about the constant spit up (other than many, many loads of laundry), I did learn to help soothe her tummy. And when you soothe a fussy baby that results in a happy baby and a happy mommy.  

5 Tips To Soothe A Fussy Baby

Burp – You’ve heard it again and again because it is true, you have to burp the baby. Help your little one relieve any air bubbles swallowed during a feeding by burping them well. Some babies burp easily while others need more encouragement. For K burping always meant spitting, always, but she had to get that air out. So burping (and spitting up) is a must after every feeding to soothe a fussy baby. 

Move It – Whether your baby prefers to swing, bounce or rock motion is calming. During the day, there is magic in baby swings. At night, I recommend a Pack ‘N Play that has a vibration attachment. I would rock K in my arms and then gently place her in her vibration bed, it was magical. 

Gripe Water – I don’t remember which of my mom friends recommended Gripe Water to me first, but it was a life saver. Once I discovered it, Gripe Water became part of our regular feeding routine. Every mom should have a bottle of Gripe Water on hand. For days when K was especially fussy, all-natural Gas Relief Drops were my go-to treatment. Both are gentle for helping to soothe a fussy baby and calm their tummy troubles. 

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White Noise – Shhhhhh… I used to take my crying baby in the bathroom and turn on the fan or hairdryer. Eventually, I got tired of rocking her in the bathroom and invested in a small white noise machine for K. It was the best $25 investment. It calmed them as babies, and to this day both girls (ages 6 and 3) still fall asleep with their “lights and sounds.” 

Diet – For nursing moms with a fussy baby, it is important to watch what you eat. Foods like dairy products, caffeine and even broccoli can effect breast milk and lead to tummy troubles. Keeping a food journal to monitor your diet along with your baby’s fussy days can help reveal a pattern. I found that broccoli seemed to have an effect on K, so I stopped eating it while I breast feed. 

By the way, as I learned with baby number two, not all babies spit up. So if you have a spitter like my K, don’t fear baby number two. 

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