Say Goodbye To Shower Door Metal Tracks

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Some people will tell you the kitchen is the heart of the home. I am here to tell you the truth. The bathroom is really where all of the action is! When I go into that sacred room, every member of my family needs me. Sometimes the bathroom becomes an office or a meeting room. When one of the kids has had a rough day,the bathroom becomes a place for comforting. There is nothing like a story or water play session during a bath to help soothe some of the day away.

Sterling Prevail Shower Door
A lot of family action and adventure happens in the bathroom. If you have little ones in the house I am betting you know just how adventurous things can become in the bathroom.

One of those often adventure inducing features of the bathroom is that plain and dangerous metal track for the shower door. Many times as a child has climbed in the track catches a toe causing a boo boo. For Mom that silly metal track for the shower door is dangerous too. Every time I clean the shower I whisper to the metal track things I wouldn’t dare say to all of you. Face it, it is hard to clean, hard on toes, elbows and knees.

I have got to tell you about this new option in shower doors from Sterling Prevail. Featuring ComforTrack Technology, the bottom track offers support to the glide of the shower door, but it is cushioned for a safer way to use your shower. If you are bathing little ones or pets, sitting down to shave, or even kneel over to clean the shower/tub. This is not just more comfortable to use, it is downright durable too!

Sterling Shower Door
This is a game changer at bath time. As I settle into read my kids a story I no longer have to worry about someone bumping an elbow or knee on the metal track.

If you are remodeling the bathroom in your home, or if you are building a new house, let me remind you of a few wonderful reasons to consider the Sterling Prevail shower doors:

  • It has a flexible track, which is comfortable, easy to clean, and a smart addition to any showering space.
  • Great for bathing kids, washing dogs, lolling in the bath with your feet up, etc. (All the stuff you can’t do with a hard shower track.)
  • Sterling Prevail shower doors with the ComforTrack technology are available for BOTH bath doors and shower doors.

How would Sterling shower doors with ComforTrack technology make a difference in your bathroom routines with the family? Please tell me all about it in a comment!

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