Target Thanks A Billion Will Donate $25 To Your School

This is a post you will want to share with all of your friends and neighbors because everyone can sign up to have Target donate $25 to their school for free just for saying “Thanks’ to a teacher. The Target Thanks a Billion will donate $25 for every “thanks” sent (one per person). Each school is eligible to receive up to $25,000, and Target has committed to donate up to $5 million for the promotion.

It’s super-simple to do. Just visit the Target Thanks a Billion page where you can need to login with your Facebook account. Then search for your school by zip code, enter a message to say thanks and hit submit. That’s it! The easiest $25 your school has ever earned. 

What could your school do with an extra $25? Click the image below and say thanks to send $25 to your school today! Then tell everyone you know with a Facebook account. I just sent my thanks. 

Target Thanks a Billion

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